Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

Nike Sportswear shops are restocking three classic Nike Dunk colorways starting in January 2010 at select locations worldwide. The Retro will return in white/varsity blue, white/varsity red, and white/varsity orange and feature mesh and textured leather middle panels. There’s no word yet on how much these will yield at retail, but expect to see the Nike Dunk at select Nike Sportswear locations early next year.

Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

Via glltn.

Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

Nike Sportswear Dunks for 2010

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  1. meach, thats cool you have the red supremes.

    to bad these ain't the supremes….copin these

    2 more color ways donsn't equal the supreme pack


  2. I'll have all 3 when these come out. Note: After the Blk infrared 6 and all of those 3 dunks come out im going to retire from the shoegame for a while I gotta save money for a new car and buying all of these shoes is only defeating the pupose of me saving money.

  3. @ksyouknow naw i have the supreme sb's

    and @gwok dowk i know they aint supremes just mad cuz you dont have any heat

  4. meach please…I have every pink black and gold box dunk & blazer SB's….and about 30% of the silver boxes, including all 3 supreme highs, lucky pack, vamps, futura, and the tweeds omong many others…..oh yeah…I got heat….

  5. id love to see all them shoes cuz @ gwok

    and sayin heat is lame

    and all these suck ass

    laces suck and shoes

    ima stay with quickstrikes it looks like