Air Jordan Force Fusion 6 (VI) 5/8

Formerly referred to as the Air Jordan Force Fusion 6 (VI) low, we are now receiving word that these are a 5/8 cut rather than a low cut. Taking inspiration from the Air Jordan 6 (VI) low and the Nike Air Force 1 (One) low, this sneaker features the best of both worlds. Including the patented Nike Air Force 1 (One) sole, this sneaker will surely provide the comfort and support needed to go that extra mile on and off the courts. Taking key stylistic characteristics from the Air Jordan 6, this pair yields the AJ6 ankle, tongue, and halo on the heel. Two colorways of the Air Jordan Force Fusion 6 (VI) 5/8 will release in early 2009. The first of these is the one shown above which features a White / Varsity Red – Stealth colorway. A detailed picture of the second colorway of Black / Stealth – Varsity Red can be seen after the jump. Both colorways will be released on March 21, 2009 for a retail price of $135.

Air Jordan Force Fusion 6 (VI) 5/8

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  1. Ahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaah….man I needed a good laugh…jordan brand play to much….I keep sayin kill yo self with these fusions man…but real talk this may be WORST model lol

  2. ugly shit… why the fuck does JB keep putting these ugly ass fusions out?? who the fuck is buying fusions anyway?

  3. ok. these r acceptable. hate da high….mid, or watever they r. still wouldnt copp. got my 11/12 package yyeeaa.

  4. lol, get fuckin real both of these joints are sick right here, Fuckin sneaker geeks…

    And just what would you consider hot know it all? Im dyin to know. fuckin internet weirdos with your middle of nowehere taste. Everything they post on here sucks to you anyway so fuck your opinion.

    You guys make me sick sometimes, always cryin about jordan brand but you keep showing up to fuckin complain day in & day out, well just stop buyin the shit then and shut the fuck up about it, alright already you hate fuckin fusions, now Go jack off a 12 gauge …

  5. I hate the fucking fusion series in general… But! I must say the fusion VI are a much have….

  6. wow yall real nutty if you dont like the sneakers dont get the shits..

    people got different tastes but i bet u everybody will be rockein them shits hard..

    i kno im deff getting them red white and gray shits saturday morning