Air Jordan 2 (II) - Eminem - The Way I Am - Flightclub Exclusive

We gave you a one picture preview of Jordan Brand‘s recent collaboration with Eminem a couple months ago and we now have detailed pictures and information on this pair of the Air Jordan 2 (II). Eminem and Jordan Brand have teamed up before in the past to create the Air Jordan 4 (IV) Encore which was given to the friends and family of Eminem himself. Fortunately, the Air Jordan 2 yielded through this collaboration will be a little easier to obtain. 313 pairs of this sneaker will be released on Jordan Brand’s official website—Air Jordan Flight Club. The number of pairs released, 313, is a reference to the area code of Detroit where Marshall Mathers aka Eminem grew up. Also, a black Air Jordan x Eminem t-shirt with the words, “The Way I Am” will be made available alongside the sneakers.

This Air Jordan 2 features handwritten lyrics from Eminem songs on a mostly black upper with a gray toebox and red/white accents. Proceeds from this release will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children in the Michigan area. These are scheduled to release on December 18, 2008 on Air Jordan Flight Club for the low retail price of $110. Via NT.

Air Jordan 2 (II) - Eminem - The Way I Am - Flightclub Exclusive
Air Jordan 2 (II) - Eminem - The Way I Am - Flightclub Exclusive

Air Jordan 2 (II) - Eminem - The Way I Am - Flightclub Exclusive

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  1. I'll pass!! my money is going to the packages that's it. Whiteboy designed some ugly shoes, SlimShady try again.

  2. these would give me a slight chance of gettin em if they were in pistons color (blue,red,white) but right now…NO

  3. Should hold off until tax time. Them kids won't get much with that 11/12 and the spzikes droping at the end of the year.

  4. these are no better than any of them team jordan joints, except you got an overhyped eminem song splattered all over it…

  5. im gonna try to get my hands on these. anyone know the exact time these are droppin? theyre gonna go fast.

  6. man ima cop like 4 pair maybe. how much you think a pair o these will go for anyways? with only 313 pairs these is rare as shit man

  7. Ay I Just Got Off Tha Phone With A Nike & They Said That These Are Droppin On The 19th But Sneakfiles Is Talkin Like Its Tha 18th!!Somebody Let Me Know Sum.


  8. wat the fuck does eminem even rap he need wrap hisself up ship hisself off to another country and stop killing jordans shoes cuz he fucking up danm let wayne design some

  9. im trying to become a flightclub member

    but inorder to do so i need a invitation key

    i texted flightclub to 23623 many times

    but it keeps on failing

    its maybe because im from Canada

    Can anyone help me out with this please

    can i please get a invitation key from someone

    my email is

  10. u bitches talkin shit bout this obviously juz broke daz y u hatin, in the end after this joint drops and the price turns out good we be laughin at yo assess!

  11. I just bought these for 110 dollars

    seeing as how there are only 313 pairs worldwide

    they should resell for like 5grand

    Size 8 holla at me