Air Jordan 12.5 New Colorways

The Air Jordan 12.5 is a hybrid of the Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 13, but looking at them I more see the XII. Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 12.5 in Original color ways of the Jordan XII. The Obsidian, White Red and Taxi are among the few to drop and the Obsidian pair contains laser print at the heel. Expect to see them on shelves in January 2008 (although the release date can change at any time). Thanks again to Flipjays.

Air Jordan 12.5 New Colorways
Air Jordan 12.5 New Colorways


  1. I don't see any XIII in that shoe but they are nice shoes. Jordan needs to hurry up & retro the XVIII.

  2. Congrats Jordan Brand, uve Fukd up my Fav AJ XIIs, I pray ppl don't buy this. Even the MJ faithful out there, please boycott this travesty

  3. Yeah… they do look like the Jordan Pro Quick… with that said, they are ok looking. I guess I have to see them in person (like, for example, the 22 Omegas)

  4. That last (laser) pair looks tight, but I think I'll have to see these in person. Those pics aren't doing me much justice!

  5. i dnt see any XIIIs in dem either. xcept maybe 4 dat round jumpman logo– but it doesnt look lyk a hologram…

  6. if they're gonna continue with the .5 lines, they need to drop a 3.5, since we can't get that fuggin black elephant from em anytime soon

  7. The little dimple for the bone on the outside, and the raised inside of the top of the shoe is XIII, the nose is mostly XIII, and I think the Jordan logo on the side is suppost to be the dropped cat-eye, and the stitching along the laces is def. XIII.
    I love’em BTW, and will def. get a pair….maybe 2.


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