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Under Armour Will Start Selling Lifestyle Sneakers

Under Armour Lifestyle Sneaker

Under Armour has without a doubt rose to fandom with the explosion of Steph Curry. With reports saying the UA Curry 2 the number 1 selling basketball model, it leaves us to think what’s next from the brand. As we are coming to find out, they will take their line outside of sports by releasing a Under Armour Lifestyle Sneaker.

Traditionally, we see Under Armour release sneakers for all kinds of sports with their models being known through the baseball, football and basketball communities. Bringing a lifestyle shoe into production makes sense as most brands are thriving on this. Typically, we see many retro models receive the LS treatment but since UA hasn’t been around long enough to bring back shoes from the 70s and 80s, they will create a brand new shoe.

Shown is one upcoming UA Lifestyle sneaker, but the details are not known at the time of writing. Reports are stating a release will happen later this year so make sure to check back with us.

Under Armour Lifestyle Sneaker

Source: Derek Curry

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