Starbury Big Ben Wallace Signature Shoe

If your looking for a high quality shoe at a great price, the Starbury is for you. The man who started the line and wears the sneaker during games Stephon Marbury signed a new player months back: Ben Wallace.

The Starbury Big Ben signature shoe retails at $14.98, and so far we have three color ways pictured. The strap is a very nice added feature and if you look closely you can see Big Ben at the bottom.

Starbury Big Ben Wallace Signature Shoe
Starbury Big Ben Wallace Signature Shoe


  1. They arent that bad they remind of Tmacs for some weird reason. I wouldnt go to school with them but ill play some ball with them.

  2. i just bought an all black pair and the red and black pair and got the all blackone signed by the man himeslef(aka big ben

  3. Not too bad.

    Funny how there is alot of hate on these shoes. If they were made by Reebok, Nike, or had a Jumpman on them they would fly off the shelves at $125 each. For the same exact shoe.

  4. these are the hottest starbury that come out yet can't wait to get them .. it kind of looks like the and1 that big ben used to wear …

  5. LOOKS like a pair of d-wades and T-macs blended together. But im totally behind him and his movement. Hopefully he does better than shaq lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I like the concept….way to go Stephon. Same goes to Big Ben…..two very talented ball players that are making a BIG statement….now they just need to get the word out.

  7. superb shoes I will get them they seem perfect I hope we can play without problem with them. fantastic big ben than you

  8. Its actually a pretty sweet shoe. Reminds be of Big Ben's old and 1 one shoe. But I only got one problem with it and the same thing with the Starburys they need to come out with like 50 different colors and styles because in like a week every kid is gonna have the same exact shoe. They need to come out with 5 different pairs of shoes at a time so everybody doesn't have the same gear and dude how sick would it be if you could like customize them for like an extra 5 bucks. But other than that they are really nice

  9. man these joints is off the chain son. i can`t decide if da stabury 2`s are better or these. My dad says they look kind of cheap. he says the starbury 2`s are better.yeah moms just sent me some money so im goin to make sure i save my money. i mean im only 13 so im kinda broke u know what im saying. white and black are of the chain to and the white and red ones to. black and red are ok.but i can`t wiat to cop them joints son

  10. I love Starbury and I can't wait to get B.Ben's ones.

    Everyone cant buy those $100.00 shoes. We as a people need to stop being so materialistic about shoes. My whole family wears Starbury. Cant wait until I can get the the Big Ben collection.

  11. These don't seem to be available at Steve & Barry's yet, although the new Starbury Danger and Crib shoes are. Don't know what's going on here. I agree with the other guy further up about a lot of sneaker snobs turning their noses up at Starburys, but I have no qualms wearing and being seen in these shoes. If somebody thinks I am being cheap for wearing these shoes, that says a lot more about them as a person than it does me.

  12. these shoes r hot i wanted to get zoom lebron v but these r cheap and nicer by far far away……………….

    and if i do see other colors come out im definitly getn them

  13. yeah people r sayin they look like tmacs and i have to agree but they also kinda look like dwades new converse shoe but i still like them and ill probably buy them

  14. Man these are the best pair of shoes that i've seen that arent $100 I mean I cant pay for a $250 shoe its just to much man I think those Big Ben and Stephon have done the right thin by making a very nice pair of shoes for $15! Great Job

  15. These shoes are awesome. The balck and white are the best. ill go to school with one pair and play basketball with a different pair

  16. Hate if you want to….. but Starbury and Big Ben shoes are the sh$t. The Big Ben shoes are hype. We all

    know we wear ball shoes for lookin good not for performance. Even tho I've balled in them and I see NO difference in them and my Jordons. People can say what they want… Im rockin dem joints and I got money. Just

    dont like foolishly givin it away for a name…. Out!

  17. Big Ben has always been my favorite player. And the starbury movement is a great oppurtunity for people who can't afford expensive shoes like LeBron's. The Ben Wallace starburys are sweet and I will definitely be rockin' some on the bball court this winter.

  18. Big Bens the best guy i have ever meet in my life time. I was so happy when my sister came home and told me that she had a lob cleaning Don reids house. I asked my sister if i could meet ever one of the Pistons players and she said that if Don will let me that i can and if Don said that i can't its 'cause they had something to do that weekend i was up at Don house with my sister. He said that the next time io come up and they are at his house i can meet them or if my sister and i are at one of the games and i would still like to meet them then i can. So he is the best person i have ever meet.

  19. I feel that these two guys have really done the right thing.So many of our kids need these type of "Real Role Models". Thanks guys. I am a mailman in Chicago. I challenged some of the kids on my route to get A's on their report cards for these new shoes. So, far I have 5 pair to buy. God Bless yall.

  20. these shoes are nice and cheap. i just started wearing starburys yesterday and i have starbury 11 and dangers. they are sweet.peace

  21. these are beast!!

    when do these come out?

    I wants these on MY soon as they come out.

    once again Steve & Barry's comes through with something good.

  22. I think the big bens are the best yet. I have 3 pairs of starburys already and plain to get a whole lot more.

    I can't wait until you make more styles and colors.

  23. Man these are some of the sickest shoes I ever seen!!! I just had a birthday and am rollin in dough but not for long. I'm gunna get like 5 pairs! And I don't know what these posers are talkin bout, these sweet new kicks look like none of my T-MACS. These are a sweet revolutionary shoe that is gunna drive people wild!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. You can get 'em at Steve and Barry's, and on eBay if you live outside of the US, just search for: Big Ben Shoes

  25. These Big Ben's are for Real!!! There a lot more comfortable than the Stabury I and II's and feel like a hundred dollar pair of kicks. It's funny the boyz at the gym were asking about them and they couldn't believe the price. Of course there were some snickering but I just let my game speak for itself. Nothing like breaking ankles of dudes in Brons and Jumpman's. They need to bring out more colors, I've got all 4 colorways!

  26. Thanks FlipSolo, good to know they're good enough to shoot hoops in, and you're right, breaking some ankles, and posterizing some guys usually makes 'em respect the shoes a lot more 🙂

  27. they are very durable, comfortable shoes that ive owned and have been wearing for a few monts now, Kik ass design, i own the blk/red ones. the only downpart to em is that the strap isnt very good and it wil rip off

  28. Is there any way to prevent that, or should I let 'em hang loose like Big Ben seems to do himself(see Jan 11th's Photogallery, Big Ben is behind Iguodala)

  29. BTW, I got the Black and Red's too, I live in the Netherlands though, so it'll be about 2 weeks before mine get here.

  30. I got the loot to buy the jordans,but when i went into steve and barry's with my wife the other day and saw these shoes,i bought 8 pair,1 for myself. I'm going back again in a couple days to get more. I'm lookin out for my neices,nephews,all the younger peeps in my family that aint got the loot for a jordan.I'm tellin you, these shoes are SICK 4real,for the price i will only be buying the best jordan out,and will load up on these. You're crazy hatin on these shoes the people that are. See them in person will change your mind and what you think about a $180 Jordan. I swear i will go back to by more of these!

  31. and how many people go play B Ball in $180 Jordans anyways-nobody i know.I take mine off and put on the Iversons to ball in! Go cop these shoes people,let the haters hate. I aint seen the big bens yet,only stephons,and they're hot,i will keep my eyes open on the BB's though,$8.99 at my local steve and barry's store cause everything is under $8.99,cant beat that! I'm going back today!

  32. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************toilet made shoe

  33. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  34. mann dem bitchez r hard…well dai ant da best pair of shoes but id wear fo 14 bucks…hell yeaa id wear em…id buy like 5 pairs.

  35. hey i are ready got the black and red ones and the black and white ones but i can't find the red and white ones no wheare but these shoes are the shit and you can't bet the price of them i only paid $8.98 for mine at steve and barry's

  36. nice. once i get these ill have everything big ben including an afro. and i got 47 jerseys and im getting kidd and shaq

  37. these are so sick for 8.95 i got 2 pairs the only bad thing is that the grip isnt that good so i wear my melo m4's for ball and these to chill in

  38. I'm gonna be getting a pair of these wednesday and im gonna get a pair of reagular starburys to and im gonna get running starburys to i was gonna go out and buy like a 90 dollar pair of b-ball shoes and a 70 dollar pair of running shoes but then my friends told me about these

  39. These shoes are cute..if they were to have a jordan sign on them and cost about 125 dollars people would blow them off the shelf….. ….I hope I can get some

  40. I have the starbury II's. I used them for bball this year they held up good I personaly think they should make spikes and cleats for baseball and football.

  41. my friend bought these and they're sweeeet, i still have to talk my parents into buying them…so i probably won't have them for about a month or so…but GOOD JOB BIG BEN and Stephon!

  42. hey i'm from indonesian

    i want to have starbury but i think it just my dream bcoz impossible i can go to usa.

    please help me to get that shoes my bro coz shoes in indonesian is very expensive for me.

  43. these shoes are Nice and confterbal….i just got the all white ones from steve and berrys going back to get the rest of the stiles WOOO GO s&b lol

  44. I got a pair of these and Starbury low tops for my kids who will be going to 3 basketball camps this summer…now they are listing for $8.98, and for a summer of use, you can't beat it…They also come in all white & white w/navy blue.

  45. I love these shoes. Not only are they cool and come in many different colors but @ 9.00$ you can't beat them. Not to mention the quality is superb.


  47. i went through all of basketball camp n my starbury 2's….they held up great n im proud rocking them… these if u ball or not the styles are sick and the price shhhiiit if u dont take advantage of the great deal u dum lol…forealz tho the whole starbury line is dope….beta den jordan

  48. i went through all of basketball camp n my starbury 2's….they held up great n im proud rocking them… these if u ball or not the styles are sick and the price shhhiiit if u dont take advantage of the great deal u dum lol…forealz tho the whole starbury line is dope

  49. i went through all of basketball camp n my starbury 2's….they held up great n im proud rocking them… these if u ball or not the styles are sick and the price shhhiiit if u dont take advantage of the great deal u dum lol…forealz tho

  50. i went through all of basketball camp n my starbury 2's….they held up great n im proud rocking them… these if u ball or not the styles are sick and the price shhhiiit if u dont take advantage of the great deal u dum

  51. i went through all of basketball camp n my starbury 2's….they held up great…buy these if u ball or not the styles are sick and the price shhhiiit if u dont take advantage of the great deal u dum

  52. Oh,god…you have sent the starbury down to earth!!!but,i haven't it till now…please,help me!i am from indonesia.if u in NY,and u read this have chosen to help me a starbury and send it to me.i will sent the bill.please

  53. Yo these shoes is hot why everybody hating on'em Ben wallace and Stephon Marbaury where nice enough to make them afordable they could have signed them to reebok, nike, Jordan, Addias and be worth like 135$ so i would rock all of'em even though i got black, white, and white and black ones so bring that into mind hit me up.

  54. hmmm.. steve and barrys have closed so where the heck can i get a pair of bens?? looking at the jord m5 melos right now but this might be a good alternative to spending a hundred bucks


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