New Stephon Marbury Starbury II

Coming April 1st the Steve and Barry’s shops will get the new Starbury II exclusively (By Stephon Marbury). Apart of the release Marbury will make a appearance at the Manhattan Mall April 1st from 4-6pm. The on April 3rd he will visit the Palisades Mall 3-4pm. The Starbury will follow with their motto by making affordable basketball sneakers, and the retail is $14.99.

More News – Ben Wallace of the Chicago Bulls will have his own signature Starbury starting next season.


  1. granted these will never be highly sought after exclusive sneakers, I'll give starbury props for repping for all those sneaker heads on a budget by making his shoes affordable instead of slappin his name on something and hyper inflating the price on it.

  2. DAMN, those actually look hot. They look better than most of the high priced stuff. I got the fist ones and will definitely pick these joints up.

  3. I am the biggest Starbury fan from Indonesia. When I visited New York at the end of last year, I bought all colorways of Starbury I available, all models. It all costs less than USD 250, so I don't have to pay customs when I went home. Amazing!

    Can't wait to complete my collection with the Starbury IIs. They are hot!

    And believe me, sneakerheads and basketball players in Indonesia are drooling for Starburys. Hope this brand continue to grow, and The Starbury Movement expands internationally!

  4. These are freaking hot for just $15. I don't know why there are so many haters. If people would open their eyes and look beyond price they would see that these are great kicks. I've had a pair of Ones for 4 months and they're just as good as any Nikes, Reeboks, Converses, etc that I've had.

  5. I have two pairs of the Starbury Ones, the Orange,White,and Blue and the North Carolina Blue ones and i love them. In fact i'd rather wear those than my LeBron Generation III's. These new ones look sweet. People have this mindset that if they buy a $150 pair of shoes it makes up for their lack of shooting ability or their lack of jumping and finishing skills. Its not the shoes that determine whether or not you can ball, its your passion, skills, and dedcation to learning the sport andgetting better.

  6. You the man steph representing BK to the fullest. Keep up the good work. Me and my kids so far own everything you put out and still looking for more. My mom is even rocking your shoes. The clothing line is wassup too. Much love and respect homie.

  7. My favorite team is the NY Knicks,and I never knew that Starbury had new kicks… I want to purchse them for my self and my kids…. Do they come in all sizes and styles like the red,white, blue.. They are hot, I now live in Florida near the city Jacksonville, are they down here yet, and if not when will they be here..

  8. They have stores in Orlando. Check the Steve & Barrys website, adn out store locator. They are appaerently opening up a store in Miami. The new Ben Wallace look really nice.

  9. I would just like to say that i love how Stephon is taking a stand and promoting sneakers for all people, poor or rich. I have a nice pair of nike up tempos in my room, but i im still going to hit some up. Not just cause they are sick ass hell, but to show that the shoe doesn't make the player:)

  10. Awesome shoes, one of the best design's I ever seen, I wish they'd go international with both the Starbury- and the Big Ben line, that way I don't have to search and find them on eBay, and import them(they're still a great price though, even with international S&H 🙂 )

  11. most of you people commenting are probably sales reps for steve and barrys…

    the truth is… these shoes ARE OF POOR QUALITY. the soles are hard and have close to no padding. it is an uncomfortable sneaker with poor support. i know this.. I WORK THERE. you would be amazed at how many of these get returned at my store for falling apart or for just being plain uncomfortable. from the highly visable glue marks to the discolorations and terrible fit.. its an all around low quality sneaker. for 15 duckets its a decent shoe.. but these shoes are not superior for balling in. i never tried on the twenty dollar shaq shoes at target but i would assume these are comparable in quality. its true that nike/jordan are highly overpriced, but an air jordan (non-fake/variant) of any kind is well built and has the features necessary for good ankle/leg support.

    stephon himself probably has to stuff those two's with dr scholls to be able to perform crossovers on court.

  12. man my starburys are awesome. they are the starbury two and they are really comfortable, they are more comfortable than my nike air max 360s. starburys are awesome, especially the price.

  13. I figured someone would have mentioned this by now, but I read the comments and no one did. So, does anybody remember when Marbury was with "and 1"? I loved his gear back then but I havent even run across a picture of any of it. If anybody has anything on "The And 1 Marbury 2" please post it.


  14. the shoes are not just 15 after you add 15 dollars and up for shipping you have a shoe carnival sale price on nike or rebok. there're not a bargain!

  15. starbury are hot man thay are only 8.98 in steve&barry's stephon marbury is a good man coming from Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

    Thank You Stephon Marbury, Thank You

  16. starbury are hot man thay are only 8.98 in steve&barry’s stephon marbury is a good man coming from Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

    Thank You Stephon Marbury, Thank You

  17. big reps 2 stephon I got a pair of da crossovers n sum air forces when u compare da 2 it is pretty much da same shoe same thing with dangers and Nike dunks i have a pair of both n it is da same shoe in terms of materials and design I wish mike could sell a pair of retros 2 me at the same price stephon marbury sells all his shoes. P.S 2 da haterz I'm still koo in my starbury's n I got a pair of dunks,air force 1, vandals hi tops, n a pair of DMP VI n da OG Spi'zikes

  18. Where can I get Nike Air Zoom Tennis trainer in a retail store in Quebec, CANADA?

    Same question regarding the Big Ben Models?

  19. deze shoes r not only hot but da clothing to!! support starbury!!!! stephon a good man giving back to da non-wealthy

  20. Hello,everybody.i am from indonesia!i just want to buy starbury!!!but,i don't know how to get it…please,help me!would you mind helping me?


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