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Frapbois x Brooks Chariot

Frapbois x Brooks Chariot

Japan’s very own Frapbois which is a clothing line is now teaming up with Brooks for an official collaboration. The two have linked...
Pink Dolphin Brooks Regent Heritage Great Wave

Pink Dolphin x Brooks Heritage ‘Great Wave’

Brooks Heritage and Pink Dolphin have a collaboration set to debut very soon. The latest joint project is inspired by the Japanese woodblock...
Casual Industrees x Brooks Fusion Fly Casual

Casual Industrees x Brooks Fusion ‘Fly Casual’

Brooks who is based in Seattle has another collaboration and this time around they will connect with another local brand, Casual Industrees. The...
FairPlay Brooks Regent Battle of Los Angeles

FairPlay x Brooks Regent ‘Battle of Los Angeles’

FairPlay which is based out of Los Angeles is collaborating with Brooks Heritage. The outcome is the FairPlay x Brooks Regent 'Battle of...
24 Kilates Brooks Heritage La Bestia

24 Kilates x Brooks Heritage ‘La Bestia’ Release Date

24 Kilates has another collaboration and this time they connect with Brooks. The two will release the 24 Kilates x Brooks Heritage 'La...
BAIT Brooks Regent Inferno

BAIT x Brooks Regent ‘Inferno’ Release Date

BAIT doesn't wait to long before they are back with another collaboration. As you can see, they work with all types of brands...
Sneakersnstuff Brooks Regent American Dream

Sneakersnstuff x Brooks Regent ‘American Dream’

Sneakersnstuff is back with another collaboration. This time they connect with Brooks to release the Regent. Known as the Sneakersnstuff x Brooks Regent 'American...
Mita Sneakers Brooks Beast 1 Enchantment

Mita Sneakers x Brooks Beast 1 ‘Enchantment’

Brooks recently connected with Concepts with a special collaboration and now they will join forces with Mita Sneakers. The two will use the...
Concepts Brooks Beast 1 Voodoo

Concepts x Brooks Beast 1 ‘Voodoo’

Concepts residing in Boston has connected with Brooks for a special collaboration. The duo will launch the Concepts x Brooks Beast 1 'Voodoo'...
Weekend Release Reminder: February 22nd 2014

Weekend Release Reminder: November 22nd 2014

Just like last weekend, this one is filled with releases. Usually Saturday's are a huge day for launches but this week we will...

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