Sneak Peek: Air Jordan I (1) Retro – “Foamposite”

The Air Jordan I (1) was the first numbered Air Jordan model to release. The Nike Air Foamposite One is one of the most popular Nike Basketball products to ever release. Combine the two sneakers, and you are left with the model pictured here, the Nike Air Foamposite One inspired Air Jordan I (1) Retro. This pair hosts a black foamposite upper accented by a blue Air Jordan wings logo on the ankle and an icey clean sole. Unfortunately, there is no concrete release details regarding the Air Jordan I (1) Retro – “Foamposite,” but be sure to check out the detailed picture after the jump and stay tuned for updates.


Sneak Peek: Air Jordan I (1) Retro – “Foamposite”

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  1. I love foams but I'm still on the fence with this one. I've always wondered how some Foam AF1s would look. I guess this is a similar concept. I need to see more colorways before I pass judgement.

  2. really? stop wit the 1'z we all got em. boroux retro 7 i want to buy em all, evey last one. love that retro 7….

  3. thats goin way too far… and yes stop wit the 1's please im not even excited about them when the drop anymore

  4. Finally, amongst the slew of AJ1's being released – something half-decent. Stop pulling whatever it is you are out of your butt JB, and just stick to quality releases. We don't need a bunch of 1s in ugly c/w's coming out – we need a solid release to help us last until the next. Like the old saying goes, two wrongs don't make right – you've had too many consecutive 1 releases, keep it to a minimum with the ruining of the classic silhouette, please !!

  5. LOL don't make a bunch of Foam AJ1's in different colours now, though – that would qualify as more wrongs after this solid piece of news. JB seems to be doing that a lot lately, meaning take a style of AJ1, whether it be recent Alpha or 60+ from last year, and putting random colours and releasing 5 different ugly kicks at the same time. Quality > quantity !!