Release Reminder: Jordan Fusion 5Two new Jordan Fusion 5s hit retailers nationwide tomorrow.

The ‘Grape’ and ‘Spice’ AJF5 will retail for a decent price point of $145. Both boast premium materials that have been long absent in the Air Jordan line for some time.

With the quality on point for these, are either of these on your must have list?

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  1. Love the grape colorway, the spice…not so much.

    FYI has them for $145, where are they selling for $125???

  2. haha as soon as I post that they're $145 not $125 they change it in the original release reminder post. where are they getting their info? and could you at least give me a shoutout for catching/correcting the error? maybe they should hire me to put up these posts, since they're sometimes weeks behind on the updates..

  3. Yeah I noticed that, I was surprised they weren't excluded from the discount, Jordans usually are.