Air Jordan Fusion 5 White / Spice
No you’re not dreaming. This is the new AJF5, soon to release sometime this month. Now before you go and bash this sneaker we just wanted to point out a few things first.

The white/spice Jordan 5 Fusion boasts full grain premium textured leather on the toe box and heel panel along with some perforated leather on the side panel. Add in a beautiful splash of color with the use of spice red, teal and black on the midsole and you have yourself a great looking summer shoe.

Quality has been really lacking over at JB for quite some time now. So we are at least happy to see something with nice materials and a fresh new color scheme, instead of pumping out kicks with the same repetitive colors and styles.

Would you rather have these AJF5’s or the “grapes”? Let us know in the comments section.

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  2. ^ word, spam everywhere – makin' the site comment sections look like waste (and it says 12 comments when there's only 4? :S don't know if it's just my computer)

    SMH at this ploy by JB – making quality shoes out of horrible materials, then using the good stuff to make garbage.

  3. Bad quality White Varsity Red 6's > any perfectly materialized fusion (regardless of model or colourway)