Player Exclusive Rewind: Quentin Richardsons Jordan IX (9)

Ahhh yes, the good ol’ days. Before Darius Miles was chronically injured, his off court conduct scrutinized by media much like Palin’s wardrobe, Quentin Richardson and the aforementioned Miles were the young guns of the League.

With freakishly athletic bodies, ample hoops knowledge, and Jordan Brand product on the feet, the pair was supposed to make the Los Angeles Clippers an annual contender in the Western Conference. Richardson sported a delicious pair of Jordan IX (9) that were distinguished by an all-red midsole that contrasted wonderfully with the black outsole. His number “3” is stitched onto the heel. Via Joerdan 23 of Niketalk.


  1. UGly to me but can we get some Releasable 9s to the public other than the cdp i want some retro 9s havent seen nE other than the cdp since 02

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