Days after Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics, a video of the new Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) was posted. In the video, Mike Epps and DJ AM play against each in a winner takes all game of Horse where the loser gives up his sneaker. The video also showcases countless sneakers including the Air Yeezy given up by DJ AM. This is a must see video and includes more footage this time around.


  1. lol soo funny i was dyin he was like dont be kisiing my snekaers like that i got a sweater to go w. dees

  2. no white man with a mirror thinks he is black, what a stupid statement…open your mind spider, crawl out from the rock your under…there are plenty of black men who whites could say, oh he thinks he's white, he acts white…it's called culture son, get some, there are many urban white folks and many mainstream black people, grow up already…

  3. yea and AM isn't one of those urban white folks…and wtf is mainstream black people. that's a white concept right there. even if you are a millionaire in the suburbs, just being quarter black, you know what its like to walk around with black skin. white boys like Dj AM want all of the positives of being black and even if they wanted to experience the negatives, can and never will therefore you will not be one of us. I don't give a f if he is quarter and grew up in the suburbs, hes still my brother. White boy on the other hand can get his own culture. So don't try and tell me about culture. Tell them.

  4. i wonder SP1DER, not only do u hate whites, who else do u hate? Asians too? Jeez laweez thx for showing us your racist side.

    Anyways, ooooOooOOoo, i want those kobe 4s and yeezyss!!! FIREEE!

  5. @ C.S. Surprisingly I am white, so unless I hate myself and my father I am not racist. My best friend is from Nepal, and I don't have many friends so asians are cool with me I'd suppose. Please, my writings may confuse sometimes. Just keep an open mind.

  6. LMAO. Hell naw. Mike is funny as hell. Im luvin those air Yeezys! Ankle insurance kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nice kicks. but what?! The choice for actors seems a little odd, demographically it's hard to pinpoint who they appeal to.

    They might as well have had Dane Cook and Anthony Anderson

  8. Actually, i would of loved to have seen Dave Chappelle instead of Mike Epps. He can get into the Prince costume! I'm already laughing.

  9. ^

    That would be good Blaze.

    But, for me it wouldn't been way funnir if they could've had someone like DeRay Davis or Andre 3000(which is way unexpected which makes it funnier)!!!

  10. I lost DJ AM play. They are well informed and offer better rates than countless sneakers. Then if the Boston Celtics is up, you have to keep buying until you can no longer buy.

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