Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4)

This morning, Nike unveiled their newest and lightest basketball sneaker up to date, the Zoom Kobe IV. Weighing in at only 11.6 ounces, the Zoom Kobe 4 will be even lighter than the Nike Hyperdunk—a feat thought to be impossible when the Nike Hyperdunk was released months ago

Nike’s Creative Director of Performance Footwear, Eric Avar, was up to the challenge to create such a lightweight sneaker for the Swoosh’s signature stud. Avar implemented Flywire Technology along the shoe’s upper LunarLite foam in the forefoot, an innovative cushioning system. Other technical aspects include a Zoom Unit in the heel and a full-length Phylon midsole. The Zoom Kobe IV will be available in-stores in China starting January 1st, 2009 and will hit the U.S, Canada and Europe early February 2009.

As for Kobe Bryant, the reigning MVP will debut his Zoom Kobe IV on December 19th when the Los Angeles Lakers play the Miami Heat. The Carpe Diem-inspired Zoom Kobe IV pays tribute to China and commemorates the Year of the Ox. It consists of snake print taken from Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname. Lastly, #25 will be wearing special sneaker on Christmas against the Boston Celtics, this model has yet to be officially revealed and is being kept under wraps. A big thanks to Dime Magazine for the pictures and information.

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4)

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) Sketch

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) Sketch

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4)

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4)

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4)

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) Carpe Diem

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) Sole

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) White Purple Black

Nike Unveils The Zoom Kobe IV (4) Christmas Shoe


  1. they have definitely grown on me! im a lil nervous about the cut of the ankle though. They may take getting used to

  2. the colorway kobe is rockin…is that the china release or the venom or chaos colorway??? nice shoe…i will cop one.xmas day shoe looks dope but i do not think i could get away with rocking an all yellow shoe unfortunately!

  3. yo these are cool i really like the purple blk/wht color way the new technology by nike is working but i hope they can be sturdy on the court seeing they're low topz

  4. I like Kobe but I'm not feeling the IV's. They're not horrible, they're just regular. Watch the ESPN interview … Kobe admits he doesn't have any style. He tells NIKE what to do from a performance perspective and let's them go wild with the design. Jordan used to have input on it all — he'd tell them that the shoe was ugly if it was. I'm not feeling his logic on wearing a low since soccer players wear a low. That grass gives and you're not jumping 40" inches off the ground in soccer, plus the players are lighter. I bet he rocks the low but he's still wrapping that ankle. You can't play above the rim with no low top.

  5. These shoes are garbage just like Kobe. U'd never see me with these ugly ass shoes. Kobe should sign wit puma or something. Disgrace to Nike. Get the Jordan chris Paul CP3. Much hotter!

  6. These shoes are only good for him but not for us. well for ballin. He can tape his ankles every game so a low top ain't that bad but for us we can't do that unless you really want to. and i find it funny how he wan't all this light stuff when hes the guy who won rings with those adidas kobes that were kinda heavy and did not really look that good

  7. Why suckaz always knockin' Kobe. Get off that man's cock the kid is the truth. Best thing smoking in the League since Mike back in '98

  8. You can see there is nothing left from the first design scratches.Nothing really new except they are the lightest around. I will see leather and visible Air units and Jumpman all around !! Greetings bruno1978.

  9. why do the yellow model have red laces; thats pretty ugly and that shoe has entirely too much yellow. you cant rock anything with them but lakers gear. or if youre a square lsu and vikings gear too

  10. Duh. Of course they're lighter than the Hyperdunk — the Hyperdunk is a hightop. If you made the Hyperdunk low-cut it would be lighter than this ugly thing.

  11. cant wait to see the venoms! if this comes right to the ankle..that will be a little lower than the ajiii..that works for me!

  12. I don't know why everyone is talking about Jordan helping to design the look of his shoes when a few of his shoes are just plain ugly. I just hope he's not designing some of those shoes. I do like these new Kobe's, and yes he is just gonna tape the heck out of his ankles anyway.

  13. the are a little lower than the ajiii at the ankle…he will be fine! the back is lower but not at the ankle as eric avar stated in the webcast…i cant wait to see the venoms!

  14. Lets be honest, If it wasnt Kobe wearing these shoes, we'd all speak the truth. The truth is these shoes are average at best. A Low top?? Come on, Its suppose to be a BASKETBALL shoe. Ankles roll, twist, and turn. As far as design goes, AGAIN an average design for a superior player. How could he go from last seasons design to this?? Its no coincidence, his shoe sales are sub par. Its barely a street shoe, yet alone a true BBall shoe. As far as lightweight goes, the technology is out there for a full support shoe(like last year) while being truly lightweight. Step up your shoe game NIKE!!!! C+ for overall grade.

  15. these sneakers are garbage.. theyre not healthy.. they make you lean on ur heel.. which changes ur posture in ur whole style of play.. i wore them for a week .. n i find myself off balance with any other shoe.. i need help.. i keep leaning on my heel mor ethan the balls of my feel..


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