Nike Womens Urban Dunks Spring 2009 Preview

Continuing with our preview of the Nike 2009 collection, here’s a look at the Womens Urban Dunks Spring line. Included is a combination of premium Dunk High’s and Low’s spread out from January to March.

For the most part the appearance is rather simple and uses a nice variety of colors in a subtle way. We can only wait till next year when everything is released, but in the meantime were going to have to use these scans for reference. Available in Spring 2009 at Nike Urban accounts.

Nike Womens Urban Dunks Spring 2009 Preview
Nike Womens Urban Dunks Spring 2009 Preview


  1. nike keeps giving the ladies exclusive shoes. WTF!!! the ladies can wear guys shoes but i cant wear girls shoes because i wear a size 13 in mens. SH*T!!! i'll forgive nike if theres a good sb release in august.

  2. Me aka ill take yo c says:

    finally somebody speakin my language. E-Man i feel u all the way. i have no prolly wit the ladies gettin fire kix. but dont give all the Boo Boo chips to the guys honestly dat ish is wack yimean.

  3. Donovan Frost says:

    Yesterday we went to the guys and saw my language. Also, not the most social hostel for mens. So let me recap: When in mens, do as my language and avoid the guys.

  4. those premium dunks hi tops are mineeeee!

    my birthday is in january…perfect gift =]

    20% off from karmaloop

    enter the code: KN23690

  5. yea man i can diig wat both of yall r sayin

    hey if there is anybody that wears a sz 11.5 – 12

    holla at me nd mah associate on our myspace

  6. supplyindagoods says:

    i am a 9 so im good wit ladies im coppin the all whites n the low on the top right

  7. i like the red's very well.

    i'll get it for my girlfriend.

  8. dat high top january release seriously made me nauseas but they rest r hot i lik the whole silver thing they got goin

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