Nike Air Max 90 Infrared 2008 Quickstrike Release

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max 90 Infrared will be making its appearance this year very soon. The classic style features a white mesh upper along with grey felt and leather parts. Furthermore, special infrared logo details and applications will also be included. Overkill has reported that they will have the Infrareds in stock on Friday, July 25th, 2008.


  1. ^^^Only if you are paying resale! I believe that the classics (retros) will be going for around $90, with the premiums going for a little more. I can't wait!!! However, don't get all lathered up US sneakerheads, because they are going to release in Europe on the 25th! expect to see these stateside early-mid August!

  2. ^^^Both the premium and the retro's wiil be quickstrike releases! Look for them at the same spots that got the Neon 95's.

  3. since the dj clark kent pack didnt release in 11.5, will these since these are qs too? hit me up with an answer.

  4. what the hell. i need a release date… does anyone knowif local niketowns and other shoe spots will have these?????????/

  5. ^ will someone hit me up with an answer because i dont wanna sit in line again just to see they dont have my size

  6. LOOK!!! we have got 12 pairs comming at COOSHTI BRISTOL…..01179 9290850…. but pre sales are going QUICK!!!!! give us a bell…!!!! peace out!!

  7. these shits are sooooooooooooooooooo brolic i have to get them but if they over priced somebody better suck my dick first

  8. Any release date on these or do we just have to get lucky and find them whenever local stores get their shipments? Everone, including Nike's, been very secretive about this release….

  9. Hi does anyone know if and how i can now get a pair of these. My boyfriend has been going on about them for years and i want to get them for christmas..i had no idea they were limited in numbers though! Arghh!


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