Nike Air Yeezy Release Update - Second Colorway

The first release of the Nike Air Yeezy was announced for this upcoming Saturday, April 4th. Another update comes in the much awaited releae with the second colorway being confirmed for May 2nd at all three House of Hoops and at the Foot Locker and Footaction located on 34th St. in New York City. However, other select retailers will be getting Yeezys, but those have not been disclosed yet. This colorway consists of primarily black with pink highlights on the inner lining and grey accents. In addition, Kanye’s “Y” print makes up the patent leather strap and back heel. Stay posted for more updates as news breaks.

Via Footlocker.


  1. why would they make so limited thats pointless, i really like that first colorway. But yet again NYC gets all tha shoes as usual

  2. Here in San Francisco HUF on HAYES VALLEY is getting them. The dude told me they were going to retail between 200-300 and they are only getting 13 pairs. This shits are tier-zero accounts only. NIKE IS ON SOME BULLSHIT. It's a recession, general release on these would be dope sauce.

  3. Let's see here mr.west is from chicago but I have call ummm 20 stores in chicago an the house of hoops in chicago an were nothing getting them! Now that's some stupid shit

  4. Anyone in Chicago, Leaders 1354 and St Alfred will be getting these joints but will prolly sell out in a day or 2. Its good to check Niketown as well though.

  5. ^^i think theres more of a chance to get em at leaders or st alfred than niketown cuz u know ppl gonna line up for that shit early as fuck… itll sell out in prolly like an hour

  6. they shuld juz do a general release this is dumb they wont sell no wher near wat they can if its this exclusive n wtf ny wat about us ye in da chi ur hometown tlk about 4get wer u com from im pissed now n 200 is way 2 much i heard they $125 or they betta be people iz broke mr.west!

  7. mannn fuck dat shit if dey 215 ill jus stay on my damn j's ans sb's come get at me wen da price go down

  8. Don't get me wrong the yeezy is a cool shoe, but honestly the Hyperdunk Mcfly's are better and more rare for the same yeezy price. Imagine a shoe only 250 made verses the yeezy of 4 colorways 9,000 for each colorway going to be made. Yes both are great shoes but when the demand for these shoes die down so will the price due to the large amount in the market. So as far as people saying it is an investment I'm not so sure. Cool shoe though.


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