Nike Air Yeezy New Images

As the day comes closer and closer to the release of the Nike Air Yeezy, more and more pictures of the KanYe West’s sneakers begin to surface. Here is a much more detailed look at the shoes and it shows us a lot more of the accents that make this release so sought after. One of the most noticeable designs is the “Y” pattern that shows up on the back of the shoe, the liner fabric, as well as the strap, which definitely stand for “Yeezy.” The back loop of the shoes also carry the “Yeezy” sign. The more pictures and details that are seen of these shoes, the better they begin to look Be on the look out for these to drop soon and make sure to secure a pair since Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. More pictures after the jump.

Via Complex.

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

Nike Air Yeezy New Images

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  1. The ones with the blue strap have to be fake, look at the sole. The ones with the blue strap have have the same sole as dunks, but the rest of the real air yeezys have the jordan sole.

  2. Only good thing about that shoe is the midsole and that's cuz it's from the III. The tan leather would be great on an AM1 or something. That plastic strap is just horrid. Really gotta wonder if the guys at nike were afraid to tell Kanye his shoe was ugly.

  3. For everyone who's saying nonsense like "awww, those are fake", if you read the Complex article it tells you that those are EARLIER MODELS of the Yeezy's that led up to the models being released now.

  4. how bout everyone read the interview and stop talking bout they fake. in the interview kanye had talked about how nike could put any sole on it. he wanted diff soles for each shoe but they eventually made the decision to keep one sole read b4 you talk.

  5. o yea plus 9,000 are only made nike wanted it to be 2,000 so i guess we know who is the major hypebeast lmao damn nike

  6. Why do all air yeezys have the aj 3 sole excpet for the second picture which has the aj 1 sole?

  7. I like all of them they are diffrent I think dudes are hatein on them

    Cause probally can't afford them its so crazy how people play these

    Kicks but say nothing about that jordan drop some wack packs

  8. I kno these are gonna be limited release..But who knows if there gonna be sold at the main retailers….Footlocker,Footaction,Champs,&Finishlne???

  9. There is a new tv show coming to sc called up all nite where they will have a segment based on the culture of tennis shoes. The air yeezys will be one of the first pair of shoes they will target. Check out the website

  10. These are a nike quickstrike


    Will not be in any footlocker/footaction that does not have the quickstrike account, so if not hoh prolly not going to get them mostly boutiques like undefeated, and major


  12. I think the 'Y' on the shoe is supposed to be the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future… and also stands for Yeezy…

  13. these are trash, they look like they tried to dotoo much.

    and the blue ones are fake besides the sole there is no 'y' lace lock on it or any of the 'y' print on the strap

  14. Love the greys and the peanut ones…

    hope they drop them in europe(germany) too…

    the one with the dunk sole look2wiered2me…

    hope a student can afford these nikes :D

  15. The black and pink pair are dope

    I've been sittin' and waiting for months, since last year's Grammy's for these

    luckily I work for Nike so I've got some serious forwarning

    def gonna grab them

  16. The black and pink ones are hot. Ima gonna cop these somehow….hear that Ye's shoes will be pricey as….lets hope thats for the LV ones he drops

  17. There okay. But there way over due! They should have been came out. I been looking at this shoe for years. I wouldn't buy them though. We in a recession! Save your money and buy some chucks. 1…

  18. yoooo…im def coppin tha black n hot pink ones…i heard they got them at tha sneaker villa 4 $250…but i also read they sellin tha glow n tha dark ones 4 1500….thats krazy

  19. The air yeezy is so hot I like the grey and orange ones da most but da black and pink ones are alright to. I'm tryna figure out were to buy them from

  20. i like the gray and orange ones but i read an article that it is 215$ and that a little too much but i hope it goes down and need to know where to find them too

  21. These shits are hot but idk if imma get em.. a lil too much for my taste. If you want a pair you better be ready to pay at least 300 tho in most places. I know the shop here in charlotte sold out right away at 300 a pop for the first colorway. This go round, for the black and pinks, they're gonna charge 500. Pretty ridiculous.

  22. The blue ones are not fake!!!! They're early samples! Has no one ever heard of samples?!?

  23. the white nn blue strap are fake.. so is the 1st blak one they did it on purpose to show it was fake

    das why on the rest it say "complex" to show they got reals ones

    if u look at the fakes they dont have no complex thing