Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink | Detailed View

Not yet sold on the upcoming Nike Air Yeezy releasing on May 2nd? Well these pictures may change your mind as they provide a detailed view of the next installment in the Kanye West collection. This Air Yeezy consists of a subtle combination of black, grey and pink. Other details include Yeezy’s “Y” print ont he patent leather strap and on the back heel. The inner lining is also colored with pink for a nice contrast. Get your chairs and camping gear ready for this one as it has been said people have already started lining up a few spots. The sneakers will be sold on May 2nd with a retail price of $215, but don’t expect them to stay that low once they are all sold out and hit the internet.

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink | Detailed View

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink | Detailed View

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink | Detailed View

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink | Detailed View

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  1. theses r nice but not worth a camp out these'll be right back on the interenet a feww months after release and 215? yeah right

  2. nice shoes. but i can't do the camp out thing. i had 5 of the first colorway, so hopefully i can get these

  3. These look like generic Nikes glued to some Jordan 3 soles. Yeezys are the ugliest shoe Nike has ever done regardless of the color combos. It’s funny how people gas up a shoe just because a celeb has something to do with it. It just shows people will rock anything that the mainstream dignifies as hot or popular regardless of the price. 215, gotta be out of your mind to cop these. I’d rather rock some Pump Omni Lites

  4. Does anyone know if these are gonna be released anywhere in or near philly? If they are, what stores?… Cuz imma definitely copp these since i missed out on the first ones

  5. May 2 I heard 3000 pair and that's a SAT. Everyone who doesn't like these stop hatin and don't buy a pair. Everyone who love these joints hold your yeezy's up. If you say you never buy a product because some celeb or athlete endorces them they are a lying to themselves. Because 90% of everything we buy is endorced by somebody.

  6. yo i dont get all you haters…if you dont like them, gtfo. i personally love this color and i will def be coppin a pair

  7. yea great shoes but no way in hell am i gonna cop a pair of these shit kickers for 215 on the bay there 500 n over….fuck that they dont make the ground turn gold when i walk in em

  8. 2 MR. I got 5 pair……ur in it 4 the money an that's all its people like u that make it hard 4 people like me who want 2 rock the shoe cause its hot not 2 just make money…its not fair an all these shoes stores doing gay shit like LEADERS, an SeLf conscious ( just 2 name a few stores in chicago) make them harder 2 get….if I get a pair imma rock them not put them online like MR. 5 pair

  9. word to the wise….FOOTLOCKER AND FOOTACTION IN NYC ON 34TH STREET are NOT getting the black/black YEEZYS…due to rule infractions

  10. kanye's kicks are dope…too bad my ass is broke … having a girl, fish keeping and sneaker game is killin' me!

  11. Jst got them yesterday and they are the freshest muthaf****s in my shoe collection right now. The neon pink with the black is a sick colorway. Cop'em if you aint got'em.

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