Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

Scheduled to drop this May, the black/black/grey/pink Nike Air Yeezy has hit eBay in premature fashion. The Kanye West signature is abounding with premium materials, my favorite being the sturdy faux crocodile print midfoot support strap, that I assure you, does nothing to tangibly improve performance. This yet-to-be released version also offers glow bottoms, perfect for stuntin’, hypebeasting, or pretending like you know somebody when you traverse through the streets. (The outsole still glows if you keep ’em in the closet. Consider that an added bonus!) The Nike Air Yeezy Black/Pink are available now on eBay, but be sure to look for them when they hit retailers in limited numbers next month.

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Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Pink Now Available On eBay

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  1. I was wondering whats the excat due date on other up coming ones like the glow in the dark tour ones i think they were like navy??idk and whats the stores oit will hit?

  2. These joints are serious, I cant wait intil Deon taylors up all nite launches their shoe segment. The yeezys will be the highlighted shoe of the first episode

  3. You insecure kids need to keep it moving if you not grown up enough to handle pink. These shoes are a serious problem and would look sick wit the right gear on. And I don't think the Yeezy is a nice shoe, but this colorway is str8 heat

  4. You guys who think pink is tight are off your fucking rockers man.The color pink is proven to lower testosterone you fucking queers.Think Im bullshitting look that shit up and im ashamed that nigka Kanye's from my city.

  5. I've no problem with pink if it's an accent, much like these. I won't go overboard and do shirts or pink pairs of kicks, but a little isn't that bad. You can 'thug' on the net and take shots at my comments all you want, but I'd rock 'em and be damned if any of you clowns in the streets tell me different. :P

  6. would trade DS CDP 11s for theses + somethin idk. IM NOT A GAY FISH. BUT I DO LIKE FISH STICKS lol

  7. retro hares?… i'd drop them, plus them hurache forces that dropped the same day… them shoes is hot…

    i cant believe grown men are still frettin over pink… i think those who try to be uber macho have some insecurities about themselves… that's like when somebody walks into the shoe store… and picks up a shoe… "man… this is hott! gimme a 10!" and the associate tells them that they are womens so he's gonna bring an 11.5…

    the uber macho guy says "oh hell naw… i dont even want it" lmao…

  8. Aww i ain't too worried about the herbs screaming fish sticks. Them dudes is just 14-15 yo pimple faced highschool insecure jits dat don't kno what they feelin cuz they hormones is through the roof. Most probably ain't even tasted pnanny yet. I kno one thing these kicks is fire, I WILL cop, and they go str8 sick with a Sean John dress shirt I got that is blk with gray and pink stripes. I'll rock these in the club all nite and break mad necks.

    These is copped.

  9. haha yeh ppl is tripping but these are forshure real clean i mean pink is clean as long you aint goin crazy over it….. nd damn you aint needa be a ***fish to wear em i mean the dunkles as i remember was WHITE/BLACK/….. and PINK and ppl are thinkin them are heat…… so if yall think this shoe is trash then yall think dunkles are trash hahah wow

  10. damn, somebody really bought it for 2500 :O

    pretty crazy…

    cant wait to cop the tan one…

    germany gets only 50-70 pairs of each yeezy :S

  11. ^ ya honestly the yeezy is a whack shoe, but the blk takes away from the lines of the shoe, and the pink contrast draws your eyes over to the nicer design of the shoe which is the insole. Not to mention they used a nice pink which goes great with the blk leather. Thats all this shoe is about really. First and only yeezy I'll be copping. IMO they should have dropped this colorway on the RT1 that would have been a SERIOUS problem.

  12. That fish stick stuff is dumb and it's only a joke dudes take that waaaayyy to far y'all need 2 grow up and stop bitchin the pink is in the sock liner not on the out side just the lace lock And u can take that off I still think the net net colorway is the best one but stop bitchin About the pink and dumb south park episodes these sneakers are dope

  13. them hoes is clean as fuk…yall jus hatn…glow in da dark wit the pink…das swag it aint got 2 b ya fukn favorite color…an its not bout wat u lik its bout wat SHE lik lol yall some virgins

  14. yo these are fire! im getting mine may 2nd in houston tx. i think maybe 2 stores might have them.