Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) - White Sample

Shoe customizer and artist “cynroux” is working on a project with Nike and was sent a pair of Nike Air Max Lebron VII (7) White Samples to work on. The Nike LeBron shoe looks to feature patent detailing up front, a white Swoosh, and metallic silver stitching. A full-length Air Max unit under the foot offers unmatched cushioning response. Little is know about the Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) White Sample for now, but as we uncover the facts, we’ll update here!

Nike Air LeBron VII (7) - White Sample

Via cynroux.

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  1. thats the most ridiculous picture to advertise a shoe…sex sells and all, but these girls arent even hot…I hope this is not going to be a Nike ad…I agree with K2 and Trey pope!

  2. you guys are pervs the shoes are nice though. btw thats not a camel toe thats the way her pants are supposed to be. GET A LIFE!

  3. I agree the LJ VII's are fresh, by far best looking lebron in a while……..Really KRis, the jeans were meant to give women the camel toe look? I mean come on…….

  4. booh! what made lebrons shoes sick was originality. now hes with air max and taking inspirations from hyperdunks hypermaxs etc. etc. bad move bron. this wont be a collectors shoe. r.i.p. zoom lebrons.

  5. I must say that I had given up on Lebron sneakers after the LB4's, but these shits are fire!!! I'm a witness!!!