Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti Womens

Sometime back Nike released a special Air Force 1 6 inch high sneaker for the ladies, now in 2008 Nike will follow up with the Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti Womens. So far we know of two color ways, the original Black, Neon Green, Yellow and Grey and Black/Red Plum-Sail-Metallic Silver which is releasing in January 2008. Via BNYCOnline.

Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti Womens
Nike Air Max 95 Zen Venti Womens


  1. Brain916, we aren't talking about the catalog picture, we're talking about the picture of her holding the shoe. the lines between the different shades of grey are too definite and flawless, they also seem to lack any sort of stitching

    also peep the lining on the shoe she's holding. its not fluffy like in the catalog picture, and it doesn't have a zipper like the catalog picture either

  2. I think they are straight for the ladies.. But you can give me those jordans and the bottom though…

    Josef For Governor!!!

  3. these are horrendous.

    ugly to the highest power.

    if i see any chick with these on i will step on her feet…then run cuz she gonna kick my ass.

    either way UGLY!

  4. I like these I saw a girl with them on at a party last week and with her outfit they were really cute I didnt realize that they were not out yet until just now but I did see some one selling a pink pair on ebay the only down side is I have small feet and dont think will be coming in my size.I hope they come to st louis. Keep up the good work nike!

  5. To each is own…As for me I have both pair and rock them well…and wish a nigga will try to step to me bout wearing these sneakers…they are fierce as long as you rock them right. Nike keep up the good work..


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