As though the release of the Copper and re-release of the Eggplant Nike Air Foamposite Ones are not enough to satisfy sneakerheads’ appetite, rumors have begun to spread like wildfire of another Nike Air Foamposite One release. With the Pearl colorway also slated for a release some time around September 2010, now the original colorway that includes Royal Blue is also reportedly releasing around the same time in Fall 2010. We will be sure to validate or discredit these rumors as soon as more information becomes available. But should the rumors be true, how could anyone choose between the Pearl and Royal Blue colorways of the Nike Air Foamposite One? Touche, Nike. Touche.

Via NikeTalk & SoleCollector.


  1. why is nike flooding da market w foamposites?sneakerheads love foams bcuz ders jus not a lot of dem nike is completely saturating da market w dis silohuette

  2. I'm not tripping it gives me a chance to get the blue ones…finally. Keep it coming Nike. While ur at it retro the Yeezys too

  3. I hope these and the pearls drop ASAP so i can be done droppin 2bills on these foams…with these the cycle will be completed

  4. I'm copping 2x, just enough for me. sz 12, been waiting for a real chance @ these for well over a decade.

  5. yea this rumor has been floating around NT for about a week or so. OG foam heads are feeling kinda salty about but its watever to me. who cares if they are rare or flooding the market? it shouldnt effect you liking them or rocking them IMO.

  6. yessssss i got the purples 09 release never worn.. the pearls never worn coppers never worn… i need these 4 the collection…i only rock with icy bottom foams!!!!!

  7. goodluck..when dis shit drops its gon b crazy..jus like when dey dropped in 07..sold my shits for like 2 times retail..i got one on ice if ne1 is interested..size 8

  8. nike neeeds to stop with all these foamposite releases… the thing that makes the shoes special are theyre unique design and rarenes.. i already have a pair and i gotta say im quite sadd knowing a few months from now all the hypebeast are gonna be walking around thinking theyre the shittt