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Eminem’s Air Jordan 4 Dipped into Melted M&Ms

Eminem Air Jordan 4 Melted MMs

One of the craziest collaborations to not release is the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 which celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Shady Records. A new video was posted of someone wearing the shoes and jumping into a bucket filled of melted M&Ms.

Most of you probably already how limited this pair of Air Jordan 4s by Eminem and Carhartt are. They never released to the public but were available through auction with proceeds going to the Marshall Mather’s Foundation. Now to purchase a pair, you would have to fork over well over $20,000.

So why would someone not only wear this limited Air Jordan 4 and jump into a bucket full of melted M&Ms? To show how well Crep Protect works. There is no denying the cleaning solution is one of the best out there and it also helps to put together viral videos to show how great the product is.

Below you can check out the full video of the Eminem Air Jordan 4 being dipped into melted M&Ms as well as watching them being brought back to life. Let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments section.

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