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DJ Khaled and Todd Gurley Talk Sneakers and Success

DJ Khaled Champs Sports Store

A new commercial from Champs Sports titled ‘We Up To Something’ starring DJ Khaled and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Todd Gurley. The two sat at Khaled’s house to talk sneakers and success.

The interesting part about the video, towards the end Gurley says to Khaled “Man, you might as well have your own Champs store.” The funny part about it is and what many do not know, we does have own.

Recently, DJ Khaled sat down with Hypetrak for an interview which has gave more information:

I hear you’re a new owner of a Champs Sports as well?
Yeah, I got that connect. I got my own Champs Sports Store, so when you come to my crib, come to my studio, I got Champs Sports right there. My sneaker room inspired me, and I got with the big people at Champs Sports and was like, “man, I might as well have a Champs Sports store because when I built my sneaker room it was already Champs Sports.” I would walk in like, “this is Champs Sports.” We got a store: Champs and We The Best. It’s so dope because the guests that are coming through and the rookies of the years to the iconic athletes in the world, as well as people that just love sports and sneakers. We’re talking that sneaker talk and that cloth talk and catching a vibe. For Champs to let me do this, it’s a dream come true and shows you what hard work and dedication and passion is, and Champs recognizes that. I want to inspire the whole world and let them know, “you can own your own Champs one day. I used to work at Champs and now I have my own Champs Sports.”

So technically his Champs store isn’t available to the public unless he invites you. Below you can watch the video and let us know what you think of it.

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