1. WTF? This makes no sense – non-sensical. Like saying 1st. Makes no sense.

    Oh BTW, 1st

  2. non-sensical?! goddamn with those big words! "no sense" easy and simple.

    but yah go getta true bout it. well…to make it "sense"?

    it shall be "Air Yeezy x Jordan x Doernbecher" Arent I right?

  3. The yeezy's are so damn ugly!! U could not pay me to where dem shoes even mixed with a classic like the 6. When I heard kanye was designing a shoe I was amped, until I seen them cracker jack looking boot things they call a yeezy! Better luck next time mr. west!!

  4. At least we know DJ AM wont be bidding on these. HA

  5. Baby Milo says:

    yo0o0o0 Air Yeezy x retro vi?

    thats siiicccckkk

  6. FullMetal says:

    those r gonna be expensive ppl gonna bid soo much money but ill just take the black n pink

  7. captn backslap says:

    what size are they gonna be? doesnt make sense to even bid if they are in a size i cant even fit in…

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