An overdose of Concord images has hit the internet so quickly that it almost makes you want to wait until release date to view the actual sneakers in hand.

Luckily, these latest images are GS size so those of you with smaller sizes will appreciate getting to see what you’re in for come release day. Everything looks to be exactly the same as the Men’s size; although the carbon fiber is most likely different as it is on previous GS released XI’s. Packaging will also be a regular Jordan box as it has been every year since the 2009 ‘Space Jam’ release.

Take a look at these latest images and let us know if you’ve had your fill of Concords for the time being.

Via MS


  1. I think it’s pretty messed up that we can pay over 100$ for some shoes and not get the same box as the Mens. I pay around 120-125 you mean to tell me I can’t have a better box. Or an extra accessory with my shoe like the mens. I think that’s pretty messed up sorry I have a small foot.

    • Haha I agree! I’ve always thought the same thing like they cater to mens sizes for a 25 dollar difference really. I don’t care about the extra padding inside that they give or anything like that I would too like a better box to store my shoes in. The mens boxes look really good like they purchased retro jordans! GS box looks like we purchased Team Jordans that’s just all bad. Please just give us better looking boxes!!


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