In case you haven’t yet had your fill of ‘Concord’ images, we have some more for you.

By now, we all know the drill. December 23rd is the release date and retail will be $180 instead of $175. This new round of images really sets these long awaited Retro’s off right, let’s just hope we truly receive “Quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever”.

Via MS


  1. this is crazy, the last two years 175 was good enough, this colorway is “worst” than the two prior and now going UP 5 bucks.
    I am still up in there air but one thing is for certain I won’t be paying retail, usually buy from another source anyway for more.
    But RETAIL going up 5 bucks is RIDICULOUS.
    I’m soon going to be off their products entirely. Nike is feeling themselves lately 225 for the total air foamposites now this.

  2. $180 for retail is still kinda good. I mean would u rather by f***** reseller prices? Things are rising thanks to the f***** up economy.

  3. the 180 price tag has nothing to do with the economy! When 11’s first dropped the price tag was $125, in 2001 the price tag was $125. No other retro price has jumped this high from the og release($55), they know everyone goes crazy for the 11’s so their taking advantage of the fans! I really wont this shoe but its getting outta control.

  4. love the pics from marqueesole…shiny patent…stitched jumpman! icey soles….cant complain.. $5 sux but i got 2 pair on ice thanks to my connects..i am pumped!