Air Jordan I (1) Low Velcro - Black / Orange

Alongside the surfacing of the Air Jordan I (1) Retro Low PHAT picture, the Air Jordan 1 Low Velcro has also been spotted and it is made up of a simple black and orange. It seems that more and more unoriginal designs are going to be released next year including a variety of low and high top styles, but this velcro make-up is definitely the oddest. Look for these and the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low PHAT to hit stores in January 2009. Via Sneaker Collector.


  1. fucc'who=ya izz…u'aint=sheet….deez'iz aiteutcha boi'boi iz;nt finna'tric'nedoe'deez=dey kin'keep;hm

  2. just give us the option to all retro Jays in a nikeid-like setup, and we'll be good…

    we'd even stop bitchin bout this weak bullshit they're trying to pass off… Bet

  3. The idea of velcro may not appeal to many people that's why this shoe will not sale. Personally I MIGHT buy them when they go on sale just to hang around in. These are not a fashion statement, but I do agree they are more casual if anything.

  4. fire finally the ones with straps r coming out i saw those in a diff colorway on the nelly steppin on my j's special


  6. IF any nike worker reads these blogs. Please fire Gentry, he is gay, and killing jordan brand. after the 11's re-release the game is over. OG's r what collectors want. not this bulls**t. In if you don't believe me look around jordan prices are at all-time low compared to other nikes

  7. These gonna sell out. They're great. Finally a worthy release and if they'd sell these in Europe only all you US punks would cry your eyes out

  8. The option is very widely spoken, too. The option of this weak bullshit was rubbish but a nikeid-like setup were okay. Plus about 50 other people who also had the option.


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