Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Jordan Brand is in the works of developing their Air Jordan Force Fusion IX (9) line and have already released several styles of the Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6), but the next sneaker to be fused with the Air Force 1 is the Air Jordan IV (4). The Air Jordan Force Fusion IV first debuted back in January and showcased three particular Air Jordan IVs, Militaries, Breds and the pair you see above. Found on this fusion model is a mixture of white, varsity red and black as taken from the original Air Jordan IV or the more recent retroed “Mars” Air Jordan IV. The sneakers mirror the actual Air Jordan IV, but shows signs of Air Force 1 influence on the midsole and outsole. The Air Jordan Force Fusion IV is scheduled to release in July.

Air Jordan Fusion 4 (Limited Release)
Release Date: 07/2009
Style Number: 364342-161
Colorway: White/Varsity Red-Black

Now available at Marquee Sole.

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - White / Varsity Red - Black

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - White / Varsity Red - Black


  1. must cop for me.

    so far, my favorite fusions are the 3s, the spiz'ikes and these, and i have 2 pairs of the 3s and a pair of spiz'ikes, so i want a pair or two of these also.

    keep your fusion 20s, keep your fusion 6s, keep your fusion 5s, keep your fusion 12s, keep your ugly dub-zeroes, all i want are the fusion 3s, spiz'ikes and fusion 4s, all day baby.

  2. The nicest fusions yet but still not gettin em. Rather save scratch for some real J's. And Dave u hella stupid man dub zeroes and spizikes arent fusions.

  3. Actually Doc if you really look at it Spizikes and Dub Zero are fusions because they are fused with other jays,Btw these Fusions are nice but I wont cop.

  4. People need to stick to their guts. When the fusions first came out everyone thought they were sick. Ppl only have a problem now because fusions are replacing retros, lets be real


  6. I really wish that all you "die hard Jordan fans" would just hurry up and stop with the dramatics. All you people do is log on to these sneaker sites and write a million complaints about how much you hate fusions. These are some really nice and innovative sneakers and the rest of you guys need to get a life. btw… I will cop!

  7. These are why people who buy team jordans think that people who buy og's are silly. cause they would rather pay for this garbage instead of learning a story behind the shoe too.

  8. yo Chillin, i really hope you're joking, bc the dubs are 100% hypebeast material, there ain't a damn good looking thing about them.

    matter of fact, the sentence "all fusions are ugly besides the spiz' and the dubs" is the most hypebeast thing you can say about the fusions. the spiz'ikes are hot, fine, but mad hyped. the dubs are so ugly i wouldn't wear a pair unless i got paid to.

    and Doc…yeah, spiz'ikes and dubs are definitely fusions. they're mixes of different jordans (the spiz'ikes are a fusion of the 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 9s and 20s if i remember this the right way, and the dubs are just a buncha jays thrown in a blender and sewn back together) and 'fusion' means 'mix'. just because it's a mix of different jays together, and not one pair of jays plus one pair of uptowns, doesn't mean it isn't a fusion.

    and if these come out in early july before i go out on my summer travels, you'd best believe i will cop, especially if they get fire reds or breds at the spot i usually buy from.

  9. Yea i didnt like the air force one and jordan fusions at first till the 20s and now these i mite cop em just cuz the lames only kno the jordan 1 thru 23 some of those r lame but u need the card to justify yall buying watch me cop and smooth kill everyone and make em wanna buy em

  10. these are hot and basic not worth the price theyre gonna put on em but definite cop if around a bill 115 like the 4s

  11. 1st of all… all y'all h8in on fusions need 2 stop u probably can't afford a pair that's why u h8in and the dub 0 r wack everything else hot like 23 no homo

  12. wow man all of u guys are talking trash bout these sneakers who cares if u dont like lots of people like these cuz u cant find the jordan 4's anymore unless u shop online then good for u ur risking to shop online and my cuz try to get the 4's instead he got riped off and got some piece of s*** shoes broke in less then a week worn them once instead of getting something new and fast….=p

  13. ur wack all fusions are fresh ur just mad because u dont have fusions even these there fresh and nice i saw some today they were sooooooooooooooo cool i noe deep down in side you ur saying oh my gosh i like those fusion 4s i wish i can get but i cant cause im poor haha im soooooooooo getin these ha

  14. man yall niggas is crazy these shits is these sneaks r oodd hard yall niggas is just mad cause yall cant get em but trust these shits r a deff must cop

  15. yo……see what happens when you leave the 4's and the air force 1's in a room by they selves while they horny? god damn…….crossbreads.


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