Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

In 2009, “The Best of Both Worlds” Jordan Brand and Nike Fusion hybrids will continue to drop. To begin the year, the two will combine the iconic Nike Air Force One (1) and the Air Jordan IX (9) into a casual option suitable for any type of Hypebeasting activity. More specifically, the AJF9 Fusion will combine the AF1’s outsole and toebox with the 9’s ribbed midsole, Jumpman “Worldwide” logo, and segmented upper. There’s no official word as to when these will release, but we’ll update when new colorways or information surfaces. Images via Hoop China.

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red

Air Jordan Force IX (AJF 9) Fusion - White - Red


  1. OMG!! JB please stop, you make me wanna cry watching you put such a great & respectable brand name on these piece of crap shoes. Stop the fusions and focus on releasing some retros other then 1's cause you guess are going OD on the retro 1 releases.

  2. "The best of both worlds"? More like the worst of both worlds. The only thing fusions are good for are cookouts. With ugly jordans on the menu

  3. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of JB doing this. They know all this is about is cashing in on their name so they release anything to make money. These "fusions" is nothing more than a money scheme. I do like the IX, but these are pretty bad. Save your money and just but the IX instead of this debacle.

  4. I can't blame you if you don't like these 'cause they kinda do look weird, but i'd still rock these sh*t's regardless.

  5. no way….looks more like another retro than a fusion, not impressed, they should have some of the one world af1 designers take a shot at designing the fusions…..

  6. i think they are dope but for some reason they look fake because the box is beat up and they kinda look wierd but imma still cop them when they come out

  7. they look ok i dont like the sole at all. i love Jordan 9's (olive colored) so they ok lookin aint buyin only good fusions are the 6ICK Rings black red i snatched 2 pairs for $380 and 1/2 Cent Penny fusions look hard as fu** cant wait to snatch 2 of those

  8. for people saying des r ugly you kno u gone cop.and to {Blaze} the reason they keep makin them is becuz dey r sellin.i went to the mall and the 20 fusions were sold dats da main reason.

    p.s they r alright i would rate dese 3.5/5

  9. i'd prolly buy in a diff color (olive colored, etc.) no problem they aint that bad at all…i'm stickin wit basic Nike's for now on since there aint no more real numbered J's droppin no more unless they retro some again then ill buy em or if the jordan 2010 is tight

  10. I would for sure cop these and the fusion 6's… I would however rather just have the J 6's and 9's rather than these fusions…

  11. Sickening. The 9 is one of my favorites and this just defaces them. only decent fusions have been the 6's and 20's. the 3's, 5's, and 12's were horrible. I hope they do away with these fusions soon.



  14. Nike222, i do agree. People buy them. People are always going to buy Jordan's no matter how bad they are. And these are bad. Not avergage, not ok, but pretty bad. I'm just trying to warn people. This is what JB does. They will put any crap out on the market because they know it will sell. And I feel bad for people who buy these "fusions". They could of spent their money and bought real great Jordans like the V, VII, XI, X, or XX3 for the same price range. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of JB.

  15. they're alright i guess.

    but why not just retro the 9's in some kinda colorway? forget all this 2 pack shit just give me something retro that is at least semi-affordable.

  16. yo i swear to god these shits been out for a good 6 months already but they bootleg

    mike is takin his designs from the bootleggers

  17. BOOOOO…but lik cuzo said up on da page, might as well get use to it cuz they aint goin no where…fuk it, i knw i wont be copin n e of em…looks lik its fin ta be a good year for dunks and air forces…

  18. these right here are pretty ill, if they comeout with these in the Carolina blue its on like donkey kong!

  19. i dont know about the front kinda meesses it up for me the best fusions so far are the fusion 9 thos are so sick

  20. What it do folks? Been coming to Sneakerfiles for several years now for the low down in the sneaker world, but it's my 1st time posting. I had to say something about these. I like the IX's and just about every retro pre- XV's, but what is the brand doing now-a-day's. All Fusions are dookie! If these were real IX's it would be a dope colorway. Give us the real deals!

  21. the ix was one of my favorite jordans, when it was released it was way above other shoes, it was a styleicon. it had some never seen before finesse. now look what they made of it. it's a disgrace, it's a crime against form and shape. it hurts me

  22. These definitely aren't the worst Fusions we've seen, the shape of the shoe is close to the 9, but I think the flat AF bottoms make it look weird.

  23. Ha Ha! They got the pic messed up! They put a pic of some shaq shoes in the Jordan… Oh wait, Those are Jordans! God they look fake as hell! That sole is horrible! Thats it for me, Done with Jordan!!!

  24. SOULFUL adj:meaning tasteless and tacky. Oh and yes these are VERY SOULFUL try again jordan design team

  25. Not the wackest shoe ever I have actually liked some of the OG colorway fusions ( I actually own the white/black XII and the white/blk/red V's) and I have been collecting kicks for a very long time like many of you. These might make the collection if they do a North Carolina version like the OG's!

  26. they look fake ass fuck …tha only fusions that where valueble was tha 5 …..although they wud b nice low top

  27. anyone interested in buying brand new pair of the CDP XI(11) blk/wht/red sz. 9 im willing to make a deal just to get rid of them…only if u live in tristate area pls.

    email: [email protected]

  28. I actually have a sample pair of these, suede black/red though, had them for about 6-7 months now, VERY comfortable. Not my favs but the solid black and red's will look nice when the drop in stores…

  29. These look nice to me. Everybody cant possibly like the same shit,that would be soooo homo.

    whats up with you guys hating so damn hard?

    Jordan aint reading this bro ease down!

    You'll like em when you see other cats rockin em gettin at the hoes I betcha that shit.chump.

  30. These just like every other fusion is terrible, stupid, whack, whatever you can say that's not good! The shoe game is geared for teenagers people! who else would rock put-together sneaks. I'm a real live man and been in the shoe game since the beginning (Air Jordan I). This shit is unacceptable! Who still rock AF1's? I'll tell you…cats that think they street, and kids. Why would you want an AF1 sole on a Jordan. Maybe I'm just too old, but that shit does not compute.

  31. These b str8 butta. Ima cop all the colors 4 times. One to rock, one to stock, one to ball, and one to hang on da wires

  32. Will the real sneakgeekz please stand up?


    January 13th, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Must copp very nice"

    Yo you're a fake I never said this!!!

  33. dey do not look fake i seen da fake ass ones go 2 dem chineese sites dat sell shoes and u would tell da differents and des r ok i will cop but dey need 2 come out with different colors instead of keep comin out wit da same colors on all da fusions

  34. I don't really like Fusions, but these and the Fusion 5's are the best ones they have done by far.

  35. I think I like these fusions better than any of the others. I would actually ball in these.

  36. these are the flyest shoes… if anybody dnt like them yah sum haterz… im out and nice job JB

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