Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Low - Winter 08 Collection

After previewing an upcoming collection of Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid, we get a look at its counterpart, a low top sneaker which will also be released in several forms. Releasing on October 11th, the white/metallic silver/navy, white/metallic silver/varsity red and black/light graphite/white will be available to Fusion fans for the retail price of $135, a little cheaper than the mid version. The low top is similar to the mid top, but strap-less design may be the deciding factor for these sneakers as they do a look a little more casual and subtle.

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Low - Winter 08 Collection
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Low – Winter 08 Collection

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Low - Winter 08 Collection
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Low – Winter 08 Collection

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  1. Not bad at all but with the 11/12 pack 20/3 pack no money in the bank to waste on any fusions right now

  2. Wtf?!!!. 100% garbage like every other fusion

    one sum1 has to stop this crap!!

    Who ever say this are fresh or a hot must be on crack or sumthing b/c this are plain bullsh1t!! I wonder if mj ever goes to this websites and checks the feedbacks for his kix.. He probably doesn't cares that's why they keep creating this garbage!!

    Fusions killed jordan!!

    Real colectors don't have fusions in there colectinosn!

  3. nYcfReshkiDd should learn how to spell and get a life and these really arent as bad as they were when i first saw them so these get a ???maybe???

  4. I'd have to respectfully disagree with those of you Jordan fans who dislike the fusion line as much as you say. The fusions, in my opinion, have actually retained the culture of the Jordan Brand by merging, respectfully I might ad, the lineage of the Air Jordan with that of the Air Force 1. Now, with that being said, these designs are very low-key and rather plain, but if they were any more ostenatious, they'd ruin the fusion legacy as a whole. And let's face it, the fusions are selling very well apparently, because they've not stopped yet. Now, what's ruining the Jordan Brand legacy is the enormous quantity of knock-offs on the market, and the vast amount of websites that sell them. An authentic product from the actual Jordan Brand that might be controversial in its execution isn't ruining the brand's legacy, it's the variants and bootlegs that do. Again, just my opinion, but I think if all us Jordan fans think about it, they'd likely agree with me…

  5. them shitz iz ugly..its a disgrace to the jordan money is on the 15/8 and 11/12 CDP..forget all the fusions i dont like em..

  6. Still a no-go for me.

    I like some of the fusions so far (all the 12s, some of the 5s, and the white/black/red 3s only) but these are fugly. At this rate, I'll probably be done with fusions.

  7. Wow.. a rational comment on fusions? Where you from JBFan2008? Some kind of democratic and objective utopia?

    As for myself I haven't picked any up, but I thought about it. If they made a fusion I wanted I'd rock it but just cuz I'm not feeling it doesn't mean JB is dead, just means I'm not about everything they do…

    Nothing new there, anyone who says they love everything with a jumpman on it is just putting up a front.

    Y'all seen the sandals you know what I mean.

  8. im not against fusions or anything like that but they should retro all 1-20 cuz i berly started to collect and i cant collect retros cuz they sell online for more then retail price! so i have to settle for fusions and CDP!

    But JB should really re-re-re retro lol!!!

  9. As a M.J.S.C (Michael Jordan Shoe Collector) I believe that these are amoung the worst Jordans ever. They don't represent anything. They dont bring anything to the table. This isn't a shoes a M.J.R.S.C would keep in mint condition. They look like Dunkmans fused with fake Jordans.

  10. r u guys really arguing about shoes?? LOL!! there just shoes to me. u wear em for a while. then retire em. and most importantly… u MOVE ON with life. silly kids and their sneakers.

  11. I have to agree with jbfan2008. and also those who say that jb is over and dying, well thats why the people running jordan brand is making more money and you are buying jordans. They understand that to keep a successful business you must reinvent yourself and not continue to do the same thing over and over.

  12. i definitly agree wit u cjeezy2005 who would keeping buy the same shoe over and over again thats just stupid

  13. Yall just wasting yall time hating on fusions cause they sell out anyways. btw these are clean but they would look better if they were Mid tops.