Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid - Winter 08 Collection

Starting this Winter season, four different Air Jordan Force Fusion XX Mids will be spread out through the months of November and December. After seeing a low cut model in the past, a variety of combinations including black/metallic gold, white/black/varsity, black/stealth/varsity red, and midnight navy/white/silver will be seen in stores retailing at $155.

The hefty price tag promises high quality materials and a look that is said to combine the best of both worlds. You be the judge, the sneakers will release on November 28th and December 20th, the release will be divided into two pairs per date. The above pair and second style after the jump will hit stores shelves in December, while the remaining two will be available in November.

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid - Winter 08 Collection
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid – Winter 08 Collection

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid - Winter 08 Collection
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid – Winter 08 Collection

Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid - Winter 08 Collection
Air Jordan Force Fusion XX (20) Mid – Winter 08 Collection

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  1. not as bad as I thouGHT …..but I only were 1-23 jorDANS no fuisons no team jorDANS just the real deal

  2. What is 'FRESH' talking about?! These are the real deal! These are the freshest Fusions so far. I'm tired of retros. Can't wait for these. JB is lookin out for all the real 'heads. Coppin them all. Keep up the damn good work JB.

  3. ^^^ There they go again attacking someones "fanhood" or "shoe cred"…"JB is lookin out for all the real ‘heads"

    Real dickheads lol!

    The man clearly stated that these were "fresher than he thought…."

    Really….its an interesting phenom with you mofo's….SMH

  4. these totally fooled me i thought they were going to be ugly but damn these are impressive i might cop for my b-day

  5. 'IKONRADIO' what the hell is 'FANHOOD' or 'SHOE CRED'? I'm just asking since you claim I'm attacking it. LOL. But if you read 'FRESH's post, you'll see what I responded to. I didn't respond to him saying that they looked better than he thought. SMH at this mofo 'IKONRADIO'. Step your comprehension up dickhead.

  6. the concept of the fusions was a good idea but they took it too far. Just like spizikes and countdown packs, they ruined a good idea but exploiting it. They need to go back to having retros drop every so often in quality colors. Now they just release a whole bunch of wack designs with bad quality. Back in the day you had to wait for some heat to drop but you were never disappointed with what came out.

  7. Simple explanation:

    You misguided clowns that always say "You aint no real true JB fan if…." and things of the sort.

    The idea that somebody's opinion other than your own, they dont know what the hell their talking about…


    Get that hate out your blood man….its really not worth it.


    I'm thru checking this post, as its old, but I knew you would come back to rebut… If you feel you must rebut again – Get at me on the next post

  8. peep tha blue ones i am not even a fan of jo's no more to keep it real but tha blue ones real clean real frsh :coppin:

  9. im not against fusions or anything like that but they should retro all 1-20 cuz i berly started to collect and i cant collect retros cuz they sell online for more then retail price! so i have to settle for fusions and CDP!

    But JB should really re-re-re retro lol!!!

  10. These actually look better than I originally thought they would. The white and red is the best (wish the CDP XX coming in October was this colorway) but I will be getting the BRED Fusion XX cause it works better with my current urban casual look.

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