Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) - White / Cement Grey - Black

After seeing the Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) in military blue, bred, and white/varsity red/black, we finally see what we’ve been expecting: the Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) in white/cement grey-black.  This fusion of the Nike Air Force 1 and the Jordan 4’s is influenced by the Air Jordan IV in white/cement grey/black. The shoe uses an all-white leather upper with the trademark netting in white, contrasted by a black and grey midsole with the awesome speckled design. The speckled design is also found on the side panel and back heel tab, where the Jordan sign is placed in black. The tongue tag also features the Jordan sign in red, and behind it reads “Best of Both Worlds” upside down. The sole is in clean white with black accents to complete this fused classic. Available now early for $180 in limited sizes.

Via Marquee Sole.

Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) - White / Cement Grey - Black

Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) - White / Cement Grey - Black

Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) - White / Cement Grey - Black

Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) - White / Cement Grey - Black

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  1. These are ugly. I'm proud to say I haven't copped one pair of fusions. Love retroes and pennys

    1. These are awesome idk why people hate on these I just got these because I liked them so much but the retros aren’t very stylish man everytime I see people with them they look like idiots

  2. first off, lukas, calm down bro, i own two pairs of jordan 3 fusions and a pair of spiz'ikes, and i probably go harder than you when it comes to shoes.

    second off, these shoes make me hate my life. first i swore i'm off buying new kicks until after college, then i saw the mars and thought "wow i always wanted to see what fusion 4s look like, and i need a pair of red shoes that i can rock every day and not worry about dirtying them up" and then the cements get announced.

    looks like imma be copping two pair of fusion 4's. there goes my new air intake for my car, thanks nike.

  3. Lol Dave, it's people like you who keep Nike in business. They love to see you coming, buying 5 and 6 different pair of the same shoe at $150 a pop. Now me, I hate fusions…….Well, what I REALLY hate is AF1s, which is probably why I hate fusions in the first place. I guess I could let these slide though…..cuz I'm a huge IV fan.

  4. O and by the way, these are sick. i have the 99 retro cements in the tuck. never worn. always was itching to tho…. so this will help me get my fix without LITERALLY destroying a classic. ur insane if u have the cements and wear them.

  5. Crak daddy you're a moron. Real heads wear the kicks that they buy, they don't let 'em sit in box collecting dust and yellowing without ever wearing them. You're probably a 15 year old punk that used to rock Lugz and ProWings.

  6. Overall these shoes r okay, but i rather stick to the original retro Jordans and such. I really don't understand y they keep using the sole of the air-force, when its so big and bulky. They would probably make more profit by adding the jordan sole and other asspects of the air-fore. Even though im a retro lover the spiz'ikes were pretty affical in my opionion. But yea, it just feels like a tease when they come out wit shoes like this when you just wana copp the real thing:)

  7. its ridiculous for everyone to say they only wear retros and ogs they only made a certain amount so for everyone to say they only wear those is bullshit

    fusions are an everyday shoe that you can beat up at partys or clubs or just simple errands and shit looking nice and not worryin

    cuz for real girls dont know the difference so it dont matter

    of course i have some retros and i love em but i wear them only sometimes not everyday

    fusions perfect answer to a guy who is actually growing up and not worryin about the kids at school and havin better shoes cuz in the adult world nobody cares

    for reals

  8. thats so throwed how they put the best of both worlds tag upside down like the 4s. whats up with the rasta tab?

  9. Cant get my hands on a pair of cement 4's, even if I did I would be too afraid to get'em scuffed. these are the next best thing and I could care less if I beat them up.

  10. go fusions ! awesome looking, it kinda looks like that should have been the original look to me it does

  11. Man jrock…you couldn't have been more correct they really don't…I'm starting to see that now. I just turned 19 this month and I'm in college and like when you go to parties and such nobody is really tryna look at my shoes. Now i don't expect them to try to envy my shoes because that doesn't get me off–i just like looking nice by default. but now that i think about it adults really dont trip about what i got on my feet. Even i dont care what ppl have on their feet as long as what that person has on doesn't bother me in any way haha. Reading your comment kinda changes my attitude towards shoes in the long run dude…thanks

  12. DAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNN DJ ASPECT GOT ETHERED!! lol go head crak keep them hatas at bay. what size them 11s? do you wanna sell em?

  13. why is the sign upside down i bought the red/black/white 5 fusion shoe and it was the same way and it wasnt fake because i bought it from footlocker stright out of the mall freash out the box whats up with that??????:/