Air Jordan CP Chris Paul - University Blue Finishline Exclusive

Jordan Brand released a University of North Carolina Air Jordan XV (15) as a part of the “Bragging Rights” package. A similar Air Jordan CP Chris Paul has appeared on Finishline’s online store being sold as a Finishline exclusive. Furthermore, a black and university blue Air Jordan CP has been released to accompany its white and university blue counterpart. Both will only be sold at Finishline priced at $115.

Air Jordan CP Chris Paul - University Blue Finishline Exclusive
Air Jordan CP Chris Paul - University Blue Finishline Exclusive


  1. Those black/blue CP3s are smokin! They both should get more love but since they aren't numbered Jays, they won't on here anyway.

  2. those are nice…black/carolina are hot..white-carolina is always a dope colorway!!!! i love carolina colorways…may cop..we shall see if i have funds!!!

  3. naaa… CP has game, i'll never deny that. But this shoe, like MELO's joints (and most other current JB product) is on some Walmart sh!t. I won't be coppin these for my little brother. I keep him icy… these won't do, unless he needs some joints to mow grass in.

  4. to brennan you dont know shit the shoes are hot and u are just mad because u dont have enough money to get them and u have to buy your shoes at walmart

  5. You jordan dick lickers need to get off Brennan. these shoes ain't "hot" this shit look like some lil work boot or somethin in black. Just because they have a jordan symbol does not make them tight, c'mon! I dig jordans i just bought the white and grey stealth XX3s', but i don't call shit hot just because JB made it. Most of this new shit is terrible except for the XX3's. Matter of fact the last jordans i bought before XX3' was the XXs. I bought my six year old the last Melos but that's it. JB been on some bull for a couple of years now, face it. C. Paul deserve something much tighter than this shit!

  6. I'm jumping on the future train the only j's I'm getting if the have cp3 logo because melo fucking up Jordan might kick him out

  7. It's a shame those are only @ Finishline. Means they will not be available in Europe nd that I can't have 'em. But they're too pretty for me anyway. just look at 'em!!! They almost get me sexually excited!


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