Air Jordan 2011 Preview
Here it is- the first look at what is officially being dubbed the Air Jordan 2011. Of course, the debate still rages on about the positives and negatives of the Air Jordan 2010, which Dwyane Wade is doing his best to try and promote from down on South Beach. This 26th installment of the Air Jordan line is sure to stir up some of the same commotion. Jordan Brand continues with its more streamlined approach to the signature Jordan line, focusing still more so on the performance aspect than the visual one. As you can see from this picture, the Air Jordan 2011 will include a transluscent outsole and some perforations along the upper. However, what you can’t see is that the shoe will also be equipped with some torsion interchangeable soles. Stay tuned as news regarding all aspects of the Air Jordan 2011 is expected to start trickling in.

Edit: This is an early sample.

Air Jordan 2011 Preview


  1. So the 2011 Jordans look like a team version of the Jordan XI…there isnt anything special about this shoe. Its plain and boring and the way the toebox covers the side is ugly….are they going to charge $200 a pair for this?!

  2. I like them.This is even coming from someone who HATED the 2009’s and 2010’s. What’s wrong with them. probably better than the XXs and XX2s. Give it up for a nice design though – cmon

  3. @since84: LOL!!!
    Well on the upside of things this makes me appreciate the 2010 J’s even more out of all the yr J’s. This looks like str8 trash. They may want to get one of Lebrons designers to help Jordan Brand cuz when these drop I guarantee they won’t outsell the Lebron 8s.

    @fnmamba24: I should hope they realize that if they charge $200 for these they definitely losing money fa sho

  4. shoes look like some team Jordan’s. I am HOPING these are a decoy, or at least not the final cut. These make the 2009s and 2010s look like masterpieces.

  5. What the hell is this? I am done with the new models. The colorway is all wrong. I am sticking with retros. Wait till the box comes out… wwhhooooooo!!!!

  6. the last new jordans i bought was the 2009’s. the 2010’s wasn’t my thing. so i was waiting 2 see what the new ones was about. sad 2 say i was waiting 4 notting. the rest of the 2011 line up looks way better then the flag ship shoe. i just hope d.wade gets his own line and not reppen these. he’s tired of gettin hit with a ugly stick….

  7. lol wat did MJ sign allen iverson or something? these shoes are wack and the only place u would see somebody degrade themselves by wearing these is in Turkey on Iversons new shity team….Jordan honestly step ur game up on these shoes, they need to quit giving people shit to laugh about.

  8. THESE PEOPLE CANT BE SERIOUS. these are literally one of the most boring/uncreative/unattractive sneakers ever made by any shoe brand. the whole upper looks SUPERWACK sitting on top of the most boringest soles ever. nd i thought chris pauls sneakers were wack…those are all better than these! this has to be a joke yo forreal haha…like yea, performance matters, but wut does it matter when noone is gonna buy the shoe to feel the “performance”. idk man

  9. ^like for example, the nike hyperflights design was even simpler than these, but look at how clean those sneakers are

  10. i b damn u gotta b shyttn me come on jordan brand are yall smoking meth an seeing visions in your heads at night what is wrong with bringing back the retro u see all the comments we put out u should this shoe gets two thumbs down boooooooooooooooo.

  11. They hated on the 5,8,10,12,14,etc. JB can’t fall in line with the industry. They have always be trend letters. Clean lines, nice leather. We’ll see.

  12. style/beauty?????
    …just a plain shoe..could be one more team J.

    a cheep bite from the past (xi,xii,) without bringing sth new..

    it looks like a cheep knockoff with crappy leather..

    all that new elements they declare that 2010 have were disapeared and now they bring us a shoe which reminds 90s..

    NOT EVEN WADE WORE THEM (at 25-12-10)!!!
    he return wearing 2010s!!!

    JB fuck off! we re not enough brainwashed/stupid to give you our money just because of one logo in a crao shoe..
    you have to give people what they want. (quality-performance-innovation-style-uniqueness)

    im wondering if its a trick of the brand or wades stupidity.. i dont believe that after that accident in the game, anyone to buy them.


  14. first thought, I like them, kinda stoked to hear all the negative feedback. Looks like I’ll be able to pick up a few pairs on the sale rack, thanks guys


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