Update: These are the Jordan Fly Wade, specifically made for D. Wade’s 2011 Playoff run. This is your first look at Wade’s 1st signature from Jordan Brand. -Thanks to TSG for the update!

Apparently D. Wade will get a playoff pair of Air Jordan 2011’s this year.

It’s hard to imagine Jordan Brand doing away with the modular technology (interchangeable cushioning midsoles) they’ve been clamoring about since the official unveiling of the new Legacy model … but If these are in fact a new version of the 2011’s then it must be so. The beautifully ‘handcrafted’ leather uppers have also been thrown out and in its place sit a synthetic upper throughout. Other than the outsole, these share almost no resemblance to the original 2011.

What do you guys think, do you feel these characterize traits you’ve come to expect from a Jordan Legacy model or is this looking like just another average Team Jordan product?


  1. the original air jordan 2011 was the 1st descent looking model they came out with since the XX3’s, why would they remodel it to look like an AND1 sneaker? FAIL..

  2. Right off the bat I like these better than the 2011. Plus J’s sometimes grow on me and after looking at the details of these…I think its the best release since the XXIII’s

  3. I liked the style and class of the 2011 better than these. They look way too much like an under armour shoe and are definitely only for the court. I’m curious of why they decided not to have Wade stay as the face of the 2011 Jordan Flaghship shoe. These are definitely a step down and the price better be alot cheaper than the 2011s.

  4. Boring. This looks like it could be the next Melo shoe. Not the flagship model. Their are taking too many pages from the Nike book. LeBron gets a POP shoe, Kobe gets one, Jordan doesn’t need one. They are just diluting the brand with this. It doesn’t scream premium like the real 2011. Put out the UNC and Georgetown 2011’s and shelve this…

  5. dont judge the sneaker on its first image… no one in public ever tried it yet.. some pictures dont look right until you saw it personally… i think these are just fine… maybe its more darker in person…

  6. These j’s suck!!! How come the Jordan brand’s design are getting uglier n uglier
    Every year? Do they hire kids to design for them?

    People will only love the shoes becoz of the LOGO and nothin else.

    DWade deserves better than these, actually it should be better than the LeBrons. He the main MAN!!

  7. Why would JB still give Wade a pair of AJ2011s for the playoffs plus these? These are weak, the 2011s are the best shoe since the XX3s, quality wise and performance wise, I hope they still make more colorways of the 2011s and not these…

  8. What the hell is this shit???? I’ve been collecting J’s since the very 1st release in ’85 and it’s true that some of the J’s had to grow on me but these are pure……..shit! The only way, if these hit the retail shelves, that thI see these selling is if they were made into a “Limited Edition” shoe with only a certain amount of pairs released. Then people would buy em’. But I sure as hell wouldn’t be one of em’. I’m stickin’ to the TOP DAWG Jordan signature shoes. Hope these are for Wade’s performance factor only

  9. This is my first comment on Jordan brand. They (designers) seem so focused on performance (soles, ultra super duper material) that will turn you into the best ball player you can be. But realisticly, the majority of the Jordan consumers are not basketball players. They are people that want to have the coolest pair of shoes that Nike has to offer. These Wades here are not cool. We the consumers …are not going to the playoffs. THE SHOE WILL NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER BALL PLAYER. Are you tellin me that if Michael wore these High Performance shoes back then he wouldve scored more points, won more championships?.. NO. If you got game you could wear payless high tops and score 30 a game. The MJority of us rock Js on occasion then store em in the closet to cherish. I’d rake the leaves with these Fugly’s.

  10. Why does it look like these sneakerz came out of one of those transformer movies I love JB but I’m not on these they’re trash Hi key

  11. The 2011’s are converse, cardboard feeling shoes! These are a definite improvement, but still not worth buying. The best Jays for ballin’ are the 19’s, 20’s, 23’s, and 2010’s. Also the 16’s and 18’s are must haves. I’m actually kinda glad when ugly Jays come out, it saves me money!

  12. The shoes aren’t that bad. I bet the performance aspect of them are serious. Get a grip people. They are basketball shoes. If they are DWades sig then so be it. But guess what “HE’S A BASKETBALL PLAYER”. These may not look the best for casual wear but they are made for athletes not for kids to simply chill in.

  13. wouldn’t wear..the only think partially cool about these is the clear cole, but ive already seen that on the space jam’s, the cool grey’s, the oreos, the soon to be wolf grey’s,…need isay more, smh JB


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