Here is another look at the Air Jordan 2011.

Featuring luxurious materials and a sleek design, these are sure to be great performers. Interchangeable insoles with carbon fiber shank plates attached to the arch featured in two colors (red and university blue) give the wearer the ability to customize their cushion. The choice between full length Air sole, best used for big players by utilizing maximum impact absorption, and heel and forefoot Zoom Air, best used for small quick players who need lightweight responsive cushion, are a definite upgrade from the interchangeable pods in the AJXX1 & AJXX2.

Enjoy the new image of the sneaker on foot and look for these in stores February 19th, 2011.

Via HoopChina

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  1. OMG its true..
    SSSSSooooo disapointed….
    it could be the x, xii BUT NOT the 2011!!!

  2. just retros for me this is the worst looking jordan ever made sorry i’m 32 i know white cement 3’s are what we need to focus non not this

  3. Hot shit!!! Looks like one of the family. Looks like sumn Mike woulda dropped 50 in. Haters will hop on board when they see me styln.

  4. Cmon JB what the fuck is this bullshit?This is fucking garbage.I don’t give a fuck if mike came back and dropped 81 like kobe I wouldn’t be caught dead in those pieces of shit.All the hypebeast are going to hop their clown asses on them lmfao.

  5. Man I’m gonna have to see these up close. I won’t pass judgement right now. I will say JB is falling of with some of the crap that has been released. I’d shoot the creator of the fusion!

  6. THE SHOES ARE MADE TO HOOP IN!!! from a performance standpoint these may be one of the best, they aren’t to far off from lookin like x or xi, thats right i said it!

  7. 150 NO FAKES I agree with you 100%.Who ever is behind the creation of fusions should be shot LMFAO.

  8. these look like those bullshits you unlock in MyPlayer mode on 2k11 when you get your own sneaker. Tinker needs to get with the cats from the contest there are only so many times you can re-retro Jordan Brand. And stop with the fucking fusion uptowns!

  9. straight basketball shoe……..hasnt anyone noticed it yet??? were not going to get anything like retros anymore people the numbered jordans will stay there and the new jordans are straight performance shoes not to style come on and wake up……….

  10. i think they are okay i need detailed pics to be sure but the 2010’s were underrated and you guys’ kids will be in love with them when they are retroed like all you guys are in love with retros now.

  11. I agree wit monk 41 these are not for style
    That’s why they’re retroing the retros the shoe
    Is made for the court from the XXII on it’s all
    Based on a performance standard

  12. how can u look at a shoe with no definition and say they look comfortable! you gusy are full of bullsh!t! you are the dummies that give JB the notion tha its cool to put out trash b/c they keep selling. and just something to think about if they were so comfortable why did dwade take them off in the 2nd quarter and go back to the 2010s? the 2010s arent that comfortable are they?

  13. Hell yeah jayr any and everything jb puts out and these motherfuckers jump on the bandwagon.If jb took a shit and put it in a special limited edition box these hypebeast would cop it.All the retros past and present are basketball shoes and were made for performance so monk41 doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.Not only were they made for performance they were also fly enough to rock with your street clothes.Just because jb is trying to improve on performance doesn’t me they can’t make the shoe look good as well.

  14. lol @ saying they are comfortable and thats all you can see….

    d wade only wore them in the first half for some reason, he must not have liked them or thought they were comfortable..why else would have have switched shoes on xmas at the half? he wore the 2k10’s entire second half.