Just before the new year we stumbled upon a black/university blue colorway of the Air Jordan 2010 that definitely changed how certain Jordanheads felt about the new silhouette. Readers were saying that the colorway accentuates perfectly the better parts of the Air Jordan 2010 model. Well, perhaps more people will feel that way after checking out more detailed pictures of this colorway. So check them out after the jump, and let us know if you’re one who’s had a change of heart- positive or negative.

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  1. Get the fuck out of here….first off the shoe is still fuccing ugly, although it is displayed in a nice colorway. secondly is this quieeeeerrrrrr THUGBOY! c'mon! c'monnnnnn! Keep that shit to yourself! what a homo

  2. Hey med2009….Its spelled Queer. Not Quire, and damn well not Quieer. Just an FYI… Nevertheless those shoes look equally "Quieer" as Thugboy sounds haha.

  3. they kinda changed the back of the shoe didnt they?

    I think they change the back part of the mid sole

  4. That'll teach thugboy to not log out.

    He's right though – they're not showing any pics from the side. I don't blame them – the window is a terrible idea.

    Nice colourway, awful shoe. I have Vs in these colours, I'll stick to that.

  5. Sneakerfiles definiley needs to modify some of this dumb shit goin on here. Using the "N" word and caling other people queer is all bad. They want you to comment on the shoe fools. Anyway I like it, the colorway is dope and I bet these wiil gain popularity before they release. Aight kids quit bein IGNORANT!

  6. Not even thinkin of coppin 2010's

    side not : some if u lames need a life. Nuttin better to do than sit on SF postin 500 lame posts.

  7. yo man I love kock in my a$$ specially when it's white cuz white is right and black is wack yeaah muda fuckaaassss