With the 25th anniversary of the inception of Michael Jordan’s signature basketball sneaker line just around the corner, Jordan Brand has by no means slowed down churning out new silhouettes. Next year will mark the introduction of the Air Jordan 2010, which new Jordan Brand member Dwyane Wade has helped introduce to the world. There is now word of a new Air Jordan 2010 colorway releasing next year: black/university blue, which we’ve seen on such “recent” releases as the Air Jordan V 2006 retro. This Air Jordan 2010 sports a black patent leather toe box, with black nubuck upper and university blue accents on places such as the ankle lining and sole. Does this sleek colorway perhaps make you think differently about the Air Jordan 2010 silhouette?

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  1. These go too hard.These changed my mind about the 2010s.They look soo much better than the 2009s.

  2. The shoes look like the Air Jordan 16 in the front and the Air Jordan 14 around the lace area. What in the blue hell is up with the circle in the middle of the shoe? Lets be honest the best basketball shoe out right now is the Lebron 7's. Those Jordan look like they have no ankle support and sure the color is nice but the shoe looks like it's worth about $65.00. All I ask from the Jordan Brand is a good and even above average basketball shoe. To be honest I am losing faith in the Jordan Brand, and that's sad. All the Jordan Brand has is retro's and that's it. The 16.5's suck big time. Now we get some alpha 1's okay something to smile about, but why should I shell out 190.00 for a shoe that does not give me $190.00 worth of support.

    Anybody else feel the same way?

    Juan Cummings

  3. I feel what you are sayin Juan.C but these shoes are attractive. I would NOT want to pay $190.00 for them maybe $150.00 that's how much it look like their worth.The clear sole and patent looks good.

  4. these are lookin better the more I see them, I wish the window was coverable with with the black jordan circle that was on the original sample

  5. the lebrons 7's r running cirlces around the 2010's. c'mon son. i agree wit J.C. the only good j.b. is comin out wit is the retros. and some hybrds……

  6. ooooooohhhhhh weeeeee these joints go hard…the lebrons look like a fucking boot with an air max air sole. fuck lebron kobe says "quadruple up on the rings lebron" and jordan says "lets go stat for stat kobe and lebron you two aren't on my level"

  7. These actually look kinda nice. If they just didn't make a damn circle and made even like a half circle or some other shape, it would actually work well

  8. These are good u cant judge the performace on the court with these unless u have already worn them.

    and by the way i seem to like to kobe low cut style he is trying to get. it is much lighter and eaiser to cut the corners. Kobe 4's were amazing low cut but so much cushion. and so do the kobe 5 but i havnt worn them on the court.

    LeBrons have always seemed heavy to me???it may be because im a guard??

    basketball wise

    For BIG men-LeBron's

    for smaller guys- kobes

    and when will wade get his own shoe???

  9. Whack. These are worse than the 2K9's, and those were terrible. The hole is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I find myself sticking with the retros. SAY NO TO FUSIONS!

  10. get rid of the circle and those stupid triangles on the side and it wouldnt be so bad. i might actually want to buy them

  11. this colorway actually makes the kicks look good but not wort $190. the circle really fukz up the shoe, if they really wanted that open window on the side instead of the circle they shoulve put a jumpman their n it would look better.. Can u imagine this shoe in all black n u having the option to wear the color of the socks the same as your outfit to match?!

  12. First off the reason this shoe sucks sorry to say is cuz wade helps make dumass shaped shoes and the color is classic but wtf! who gave the green light for the dum ass empty circle put a jumpman in it. and $190 Kill your self jb.

  13. Would never pay $190. What happened to the designs from the competition, they looked way better than this. These look like team jordans, not “2010” worthy.