What started out as a mere rumor in late September of an Air Jordan 2010 sneak peek is now a complete reality. Many sneakerheads rejoiced once official word got out that Dwyane Wade had become an official Jordan Brand member. After all, Wade would finally be leaving a Converse brand fans did not think was doing the phenomenal basketball player justice. Moreover, becoming a JB member would also perhaps mean more Jordan releases in the traditional “bred” (black/red) colorway OG sneakerheads go simply gaga for. Well, now that Dwyane Wade IS part of Jordan Brand, both of those things have actually become a reality.

ESPN reports that Jordan Brand has specifically chosen Dwyane Wade to be the face of the campaign efforts behind the Air Jordan 2010, which will drop in its first colorway on February 13 of next year, with a $170 retail price tag. The face of the Miami Heat franchise basically since his rookie year, Dwayne Wade now feels humbled and honored to be the team Jordan Brand member chosen to debut the Jordan sneaker that commemorates the brand’s historic 25-year run. Via his Twitter page, #3 expressed his happiness at “standing side by side (with Michael Jordan) as a team.” We would like to congratulate Dwyane Wade on this honor and Michael Jordan on his brand’s success. All sneakerheads around the world await IMpatiently to see what else Jordan Brand has in store for us in 2010. Has all the hype made the AJ2010 a must-cop for you yet? Let us know what you think of the newest, unreleased Air Jordan silhouette. Also, let us know what OG bred colorways you’d like to see on the court and in stores once again, as perhaps an extended effort to celebrate Wade’s becoming team Jordan Brand.


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  1. WTF? See-thru ankle view?? What happened to the huge jumpman logo?? Are they going to include some sort of special sock that has the logo on it instead??? These look ok but that hole looks out of place…….

  2. 2k10 is better than the 2k9 but still not feelin this at all. happy for dwade but i still wont cop that shoe at 170! i will take the space jams at 175 thou! as for retro releases…the xiv non ribbed black toe should drop again..i love that shoe!

  3. What the?

    I don't know what the Jordan Brand designers are thinking. The last pair of decent J's were the 21's.

  4. Yo ya need to stop hating on the 2K9 those sneakers are hot and revolutionized the shoegame, and if not then at least they look good on me. 2K10 are mega ugly word up! they need a couple more holes in them and by that i mean gun shot

  5. First we get true stories of how much of a jerk Jordan has become over the years, and now we get some craptastic new shoe that we are all supposed to be excited about???

    Jordan brand has watered down the brand so much that it's so hard to care about any of this stuff. Add to that Jordan's greedy and arrogant personality traits being exposed and I gotta say that it looks like the legacy of Air Jordans is for sure over.

  6. im happy for D-Wade because Cons were not doing him justice after the first signature he had and he can wear some sick J's now.I'm sorry for him though that he has to wear the 2010's because they are not an aesthetically appealing shoe to say the least.He should start rocking the flu game 12's for away games.that would be fire.and the white/red 12's for home then start doing bred colorways with his personal favorite j's.i believe sneakerheads around the nation would rejoice.haha

  7. Im not that sorry for Wade, being from the Trey05 how can you be sorry for the man? His career has yet to hit its peek! besides, he chose Converse from a economical stand point, as he wanted to keep his sneaker prices down for his fan base. Hopefully JB wont make 200 signature Wade kicks…

    And yea these kicks is pretty weak…

  8. good way to break it out cuz they look like some d*mn d-wades…& i mean the converse d-wades…

    i bet u that dumb*ss mayden designed them…they needa get him the h*ll off of jb staff

  9. WTF… I cant believe Jordan will put out a nasty a** shoe that looks like that. What are those things. That has to be the ugliest pair of jordans ever to come out. Im sick of collecting this garbage…

  10. please jb… go back to ur roots and start making some decent shoes. foreal im not gonna be copping this sh**. the only place ima wear these is when im taking a dump. FOR THE LAST COUPLE YEARS BESIDES THE RETROS JORDAN BRAND HAS BEEN GOIN DOWNHILL!!!!!!!

  11. they look like the Jumpman Pro Quick team shoes that Eddie Jones uesed to wear…and those actually looked better and weren't $170…

  12. As a huge Wade and Jordan fan, these shoes were a MAJOR letdown. I wouldn't rock these even if I got them 4 free. If you don't pass, your making a bad mistake. Holla at me. Peace.

  13. where is jordan brand goin wit sneakers…its ashame cuz im sure these have some of the best technology in em but it doesnt hav the design to match em…somebody get tinker hatefield back to designing jordans man!!

  14. Tinker designed these, so did Mark Smith. Check out Jumpman23.com, there is a 2010 feature with commentaries from Hatfield and Smith about designing the shoe. At second glance, the shoe seems awesome for ball, super lightweight, bottom loaded zoom air and kick ass ankle support, but it doesnt look right…

  15. LOL @ u crybabys…

    good Im glad you dont like this shoe, now you can go somewhere else with your cry baby ways since "your done"…go on…keep going…you were never wanted in the 1st place…

  16. when i first saw them i wasn't 2 trilled bout them. egselp they look like lebrons new joints. and i didn't like'em then and i don't like'em now. et'$170? com'on son. step ur game up. i mean i cop the 09's. and i thought they was the hottest shoe 2 come out this year 2 me. and the retros. but they could of done better. they me 2 make'em a shoe. now that would b hott!!!!

  17. Didn't wade leave converse cause they made ugly shoes? what the hell?! the wade 4's look way better than these and are probably a better hoop shoe.

  18. Great looking shoe! Attention to detail is nice as always. Tinker, Mark, and Mike did it again! Another classic shoe. The materials and design of the shoe are phenomenal! I like the marketing aspect too, and how they decided to unveil them early. The window sorta looks like a golf ball lol!

  19. Man dont knock the shoe until you get it in your hand!!! A true JB fan knows that. jus be easy and when u get it in your hand u might fall in love. I hated the 2k9s until i put it on. if you collect them your gonna get it anyway to make sure u have no holes in your collection. just grab the shoe and the shirt to it and be easy. you like them later. i know the all black pair are sick.

  20. RT5, be sure to cop the white/red retro XII's, drop 12/19, one of the best white/red J's ever.

    I think these 2K10's will be a shoe that grows on ppl. I didnt like them at first glance but looking at them again and again I'm liking them more and more, I bet once DWade wears them on the court everyone will like em.

  21. when did jordan and prada join forces not a cop for me these are busted and ugly as shit

  22. I'm gonna cop em, but the design does leave something to be desired. I'm focusin' more on the retros

  23. I love these J's, I've had every pair of Air Jordans that came out and when I rockum for the first time most people say that they are ugly so im use to that. Jordan just has a history of revolutionizing the game he choses to get into and he did it again. everybody will catch up when thy drop like always.

  24. well i got mine and i dont care what yall say im wearing them not u so keep ya b.s comments to ya self.yall wont spend 170 i smoke 170 fucn lame ass dudes aint got 170 get ya money right.

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