Recently, we provided you with a first look at the Air Jordan 2009, Jordan Brand‘s newest signature sneaker set to release next year. We now have detailed pictures of the same pair that clearly illustrate what the sneaker is all about. Being referred to by a multitude of names including Air Jordan 2009, Air Jordan 2K9, and Air Jordan 24, this sneaker is surrounded by anticipation of what it will actually look like when it hits store shelves in 2009. Through these pictures of a sample pair, we can conclude that the Air Jordan 2009 will most definitely yield a pleasant basketball experience to any athlete due to the level of support and traction that is provided. Demonstrated by the carbon-fiber plate in the sole and the unique ankle cushion in the sneaker, Jordan Brand is definitely aiming towards making a sneaker that will perform well on the court as well as look good off the courts. Featuring a full white leather upper accented by a black rear design and a marble-like midsole, this colorway is very simple yet it maintains a sleek look. Another key design detail not noticed by many people is the fact that there is not much use of the Air Jordan Jumpman logo on the outside of the sneaker except for the lace tips and tongue. Expect to see the Air Jordan 2009 on store shelves in February of 2009. Via x-kicks.

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  1. these are so stupid looking!

    Jordan brand is really upsetting me with these shoes.

    I really hope the other shoes that are coming out in 09 are better than this crap

  2. Jordan needs to come out with something new and exciting. maybe some unique technology or look. these look bland

  3. are we still supposed to call the "air" jordans when it looks like they put some crazy ass shox pad on the heel?

  4. OMG!!! *throws up* and dis is sopposed to be da Air Jordan 24 hahaha good thing dere callin dem by da year dey come out! kuz i would have to buy dem if dey were part of da numbers…1-23 dat is…

    UGLY SHOE by da way

  5. these are disgusting, inside looks comfy but soooo ugly, wtf is wrong with jordan, oh well, ill just cop some retroes or air maxes, shame on them

  6. I know Tinker Hatfield didn't design these! I really don't know about these. I'll wait for the final product!

  7. JB need to stop comin out wit shoes that look the same as other jordans cuz they jus dnt look rite

  8. wow…i thought the XXI were hideous but you really outdid yourself JB…looking at these honestly made my stomach hurt and my eyes tear up…you just f'd up my day

  9. i dnt get it! supposebly shoe companies kum 2 websites like dese n read our reviews nd comments nd we’v bin complaining about da weak nd horrible shit jb has bin coming out wit! so y the hell r they not responding it wuld b good sales nd more m0ney for them but they still kum wit da same bullshit! r they doing this on purpose?? sum1 plz i n all sneakerheads need an answer!!!????

  10. might as well call the air jordan 14 2009 edition or something cause these have no look to the xx3's lets remember every jordan retro shoe use to evolve and and notice that these have nothing that belongs from the xx3 but the 14s

  11. I am actually a fan of these. Clean look, well designed but not nice enough for that price tag

  12. nothing special really, but the tech better be ridiculous.

    these better be comfortable as hell for hoopin.

  13. I can't believe that THIS is the best they could come up with. Are you serious!? Michael Jordan couldn't have had anything to do with these. Could he?

  14. these don't look so bad..

    but I don't think this is what should carry the AIR JORDAN legacy…

  15. The jewel on the side makes me proud to wear it. When I get those lovely shoes,I will tap dance and I will be ever so blingy listening to Kanye sing

  16. wow i mean come on MJ dont u care how JB makes ur shoes look lik shit i meen this is a total disgrace these shoes are an EPIC FAILURE

  17. idk about these shoes,the jordan brand is falling off a bit,but i see they are starting to get in the actually basketball shoe type theme! i think if it had another color way or a better design it will be a solid decent shoe!

  18. Ya know, every year we do this! We see the new Jay's & everybody gets in an uproar over the new design. It's always something we have never seen before or something reminding us of past Jordan products. It's always some tech advance that is to perform better on the court & let's be honest, they never let us down. I will always be a Jordan fan, that goes without saying. & every year I too see the new design for the first time & initially don't really like em'. But after time & seeing different colorways I become used to the new design & paired up with the new designs in fashion in general am right on board with the release by his greatness birthday. So yeah, they look different but really people, sneakerheads are gonna be in line just like me on the launch day waiting for their pair. Needless to say, I love em', I can see the point of view they had when designing these shoes & already have a good idea of how I'm gonnna rock em' & with what! Maybe it's the fact that I have been buying Jays since the first release or the fact that there aint a shoe with a jumpman logo on it I won't buy, but ask yourself, you too went to the search engine looking for a sneak peek at these just like me. So stop hating & shut up & start figuring out how you gonna get em' on the launch day! B GOOD!