Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold

With detailed pictures of the Air Jordan 2009 finally surfacing, we are now presented with another colorway that may rouse your interest. Glossy and shiny are the least of words that can be used to describe the luxurious all black colorway of Jordan Brand’s newest signature sneaker, the Air Jordan 2009.

Featuring an upper composed mostly of black patent leather and small gold accents, this colorway definitely yields an extremely clean and classy look. An important part of the new Air Jordan 2009 that has not been discussed much is the side panel which is composed solely of fabric in order to let the foot breathe and stay cool, to provide flexibility, and to yield a more comfortable basketball experience. Remember that this pair is only a sample and some key changes will more than likely be made before the sneaker hits stores early next year. Via Fatboy Kickz.

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

Air Jordan 2009 - Black / Gold
Air Jordan 2009 – Black / Gold

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  1. overall the color is unique but this is a shoe i wouldnt buy Plus the price for these is ridiculous i'll only pay that much for Spizike's.

  2. Is it me, or does it look like a revamped 14 mixed with the silhouette of th 20s and including elements of the 15s and 11s. IDK…I kinda like them, though i do like the 23s much more.

  3. ewww! gross! haha.. but on a lighter note, does any1 mind explaining to me this rumor of a future dmp pack / possible fire red vi ??

  4. I think anybody that knows Air Jordans can tell that this Air Jordan 2K4 or what ever the hell it is a very similar to the Air Jordan XIV. I really don't know I feel about this shoe though.

    It's not an ugly shoe, but its missing something. I'll wait for the final product to make my choice.

  5. And they need to stop with the damn patent leather already! It was hot in 95-96. We get it!!!!

  6. No word on any new technology being used on this sneaker as of yet, but do not be surprised if some new information about the sneaker is released during the upcoming weeks

  7. I agree with whoever said that they look almost identical to the XXII 5/8… also, this shoe looks BROWN

  8. you know what..

    these are kind of sexy..

    All you need are the traditional color ways..

    and you guys will be dick riding these shoes..

  9. Yea yo i seen them on that site yesterday an i went to cop a pair this morning it was only like 10 left so i copped them while i could they hot though






  11. JB need to start the whole process over for this shoe because they are jus plain old suckish!!!

  12. I would tap dance in these shoes at the Apollo Theature and everyone would love it…

  13. this is why id rahter wear the phly cement….who shit on these jordans????????????????????? runnin out of ideas cant keep makin retros so now there gonna make some shitty moon boot jordans….ur runnin out man ur runnin out

  14. i dnt get it! supposebly shoe companies kum 2 websites like dese n read our reviews nd comments nd we'v bin complaining about da weak nd horrible shit jb has bin coming out wit! so y the hell r they not responding it wuld b good sales nd more m0ney for them but they still kum wit da same bullshit! r they doing this on purpose?? sum1 plz i n all sneakerheads need an answer!!!????

  15. These are the worst jordans ever made just like the ugly 15s and 20s but these are far away from worst…The jordan brand is going downhill with the shoes now i wish they would make the shoes well quality like the ogs and not ugly..In time if this keeps happining with these jordans as well as the fusions the jordan brand will not have alot of business…….

  16. mannn.. these are just straight up ugly. hella not worth the price too. this is just my opinion tho.

  17. I knew this would happen, tha first pics came out and dey was ugly as fuck and now these pictures are out and to be honest they straight but i would never buy these. eat a dick

  18. Um, aren't Air Jordans ,not some team or casual shoe with a jumpman symbol slapped on, but real AIR JORDANS supposed to be futuristically funky???

    Why is everyone bitching?

    As weird as this shoe is, it sure makes more sense to the integrity of the Jordan brand than countless silly team shoes, fusions, or piss-poor quality retros.

  19. Okay here's how it will go:

    1. (almost) Everyone says how ugly these shoes are.

    2. they publish more pictures and a few more say that they're "feelin' 'em).

    3. They come out in stores and (almost) everyone buys them, hypes that they are collectors items, and how at first they thought they were ugly, but now they think they are really cool.

    Same scenario happened with the XX3's — remember???

  20. At least half of everyone on this page will buy these shoes. It is just like with the 23's. Everyone says they hate them and then they buy multiple pairs. I personally am okay with the shoe. At 1st I hated the design but now I am okay with it because of the new colors. I play alot of basketball and I truly hope that these are good performance shoes. The problem I have had lately is that I slide on the court. My hyperdunks are good but they slide in the gym where I play ball. The shoe is supposed to have good features and I hope grip is one of them. The one negative aspect of the shoe is the outragous price. $190 is CRAZY for a shoe. I use all my shoes to play ball in. Even my xx3s. If the price is dropped I will definately buy.

  21. has any1 noticed they don't have 20three on them anywhere and you woud be a fool to go to TYCOONKICKS and pay 185 plus 12 to ship for some bootleg kicks. you would have them early but i'd rather wait for the authentic ones.

  22. I am confused by this shoe. It looks like a sketch of the 14's I've seen. With the 23's I can see why they are $185. But I don't see it in this shoe. It doesn't stand out from the Brand Jordan models. Its not moving me. I will withhold further judgement until I learn more but its just blah to me.

  23. bitches, air jordans are the future shoes not old skool sneaks. if you hate on those sneaks yall on crack.

  24. If you think about it tha xx3 looked some wut like the xiii's nd these look like the xiv's i don't know jd maybe trying to go that way but i don't what to think just yet have to see more pics. does it have a jumpman at least?

  25. am I the only one who thinks this are like a cross between the 14s and the 16s?

    there is nothing special about they look just like a remake of the 14s kinda how they did the 15s in a SE

  26. wowzers…………diss shit luk like sound of wat the jordan 10's make after several wears

  27. wow i mean come on MJ dont u care how JB makes ur shoes look lik shit i meen this is a total disgrace these shoes are an EPIC FAILURE


  28. i've been buyinq jordans since i was a lil kid,

    and dese jordans are jus wack az hell and very rarely are jordans ugly. man wat was dey thinkin!

  29. it must be released on april fool's because this is a straight up JOKE! one thats not even funny =[

  30. To me these shoes remind me of the Air Jordan 19 SE Black/Metallic Gold colorway which I own…except this shoe is that shoe's cooler looking cousin. For those who don't want this shoe fine by me, gives me a few more hours of availablity to buy it in my size. Oh hell yeah! Out!

  31. these ar3 some ugly ass shoes i wouldnt even wear them if they were given to me for free, there worst than #s 6,7 and 8