Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) 24 First Look

Earlier than expected, the Air Jordan 2009, or Air Jordan 2K9 or Air Jordan 24 has landed. Although a shock to many, at this first look we do not see a Jumpman logo, but this picture is not the best. On another note, the Air Jordan 2009 (2K9 or 24) pictured quite possibly be an early sample. Either way, this is kind of what we can expect. Expected release date is Febuaray 2009. We also have a early sketch after the jump. Big thanks to John Lyon.

Air Jordan Release Dates:
02/2009 Air Jordan 2009 – 2K9 – Jordan XX4 (24) (limited release)
343084-161 White/Varsity Red-Stealth

Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) 24 First Look
Air Jordan 2009 (2K9) 24 First Look

Via Abt at Kenlu

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  1. lmao at Rook's comment^ aha. I dont know about these, im not sure why 23's were popular they were ugly, oh well who knows, guess the jordan sneaker heads had to "complete" their 23 jordan collection.

  2. they look like some fake and-1s… they shits is ugly… after i get tha last package i might be done wit jordans 4real.. im finna go throw up now 4rm lookin @ these peices of shits called shoes….

  3. the drawing is fucking whack.

    the shoe is clean though.

    the sole is what fucks it up.

    gettin way to "out there" on the sole.


    but other than that its clean.


  4. I'm glad those are 2k9's instead of 24's I can finally save my money I'm OFFICALY done got 1-23 I retire!!!!

  5. what is up with the heel look at it it just stops it don't look stable at all for basketball let alone walking

  6. What is up with that heel are these supposed to be high heels for men LOL! What a disgrace to the JB name

  7. dis is str8 bullshiii

    you gotta be kiddn me JB


    and Re-retro the 1s-20s





  9. WUT D FUK ese !?!?!?!!

    jb just shoot yoself in de foot mane (wit dem shoes on, it might make em look better cuz

  10. ummmmmm…i might have to jump on the dislike bandwagon w/ the last 2 js posts…not jbs a game…at all…the sketch dont look bad but that shoe looks kinda wayyyyyyyyyyyy poor quality…but w/e…once again ill wait till i see it in person

  11. Dawg after my birthday 12-26-08 im done wit Js man because all the 09's look like ugly ass frankenstien shoes except for dem fusion 6s in January. And those aint even that great.

  12. Fire!!! Nobody liked the XX3's before they came out either, then when they dropped there was an instant sellout in the first 3 colorways. So all you dumbass ignorant people need to quite hatin cause you know you're gonna be the first in line to get em!! And that's the TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!!

  13. Interesting! Although I am done with jordan I bet these end up looking fresh. P.S 12-19s are all wack! What do you bustas be lookin at to think any of those sneaks are rockable? Just cuz they jordans don't make um tight!

  14. the first pic sucks but the bottom pic is okay.not copping though,these r definitely not worth more than 200 bucks

  15. i wanna commit suicide. this is the worse, where is JB headed? omg never thought i would see this day with JB. Gentry needs to be fired and whomever designed them things too.

  16. these look like some payless shit…im def cool on this crap..JB just re-retro 1-20 in some fresh or even regional colorways…or team up with nike to do a Dynamic Duo pack featuring the Jordan 11 and Pippen's Air More Tempo

  17. lmao, they do look like some kind of and-1 shoe!! ha

    i'm not suprised, well looks like its time to find another hobby

  18. They should just re-retro all of the jordans again 1,2,3…. and make them limited instead of making these.

  19. this is y jordan make these ugly piece of shits

    cuz all u dum muthafukers who like these have no fukin taste in shoes

    and yall moms are whores!!!!!!!!!

  20. These Are Very Close To Be Titled The "Air Jordan XXIV"

    They Look Like NIKE Put In Alot Of Work On These, To Just Make Them An Ordinary Release…ESPECIALLY, Since The Date For These Are Feb…Every Series Launches In Feb!!! LMAO! Y'all Are Copping Them, Don't Front! Get Ready To Come Out The Pockets For Years To Come, Tricks! XXIII Might NOT Be The LAST Series…

    Get Ready To Start Rocking Heels Like Your Girl Does Too! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JB Wanted To Add Another INCH To The SoleHeel But He Knew You Guys Wouldn't Buy Them, So He Kept Them The Way They Are Now. LMAO!

    I Copped No Packs! And No Retros! Wanna Know Why!? Because I Own OG's! And OG's Are The Only Ones Who Get Respect From EVERYONE! You Cats Are Young So I See Why Ya'll Spending THOUSANDS…Trying To Feel Accepted By REAL SneakerHeads From Back In The 90's. RETROS Or REMAKES Will NEVER Add Up To The Real Shoes[OG's].




  22. the sole reminds me of reeboks "above the rim"(cant remember but it was steve francis' shoes.) and yes, i agree.. it looks like the 14..

  23. WTF,i was so happy when i heard the 24s were coming out but these look like and 1's combined with reeboks and the jordan 14.

    well we gotta see whats going to happen

  24. Wow – I can't believe they made an AJ 24.

    So much for all that talk about the 23 being the last of the air jordan numbered shoe line.

  25. these aren't looking too good. but i'll give JB a chance. maybe they can figure it out.

    and Morel Enterprises, you need to calm down bra. they're just shoes. calm down.

  26. omg 190 for dis shyt……. nastyness in a shoe, should throw dirt al over em, it make it look better

  27. holy shit these are the uglyist jordans ever made what the hell was jb thinking the xx3's were hot how could u drop the ball so far

  28. wtf why jordan plz tell me why you r coming out with the 2k9 so early. 1) everyones out of money from the countdowm packs. 2) and its only one month after the most popular pack comes out 3) they look like shit 4) they wont sell cuz there ugly and cuz no one has any money left after the cdp

  29. OK people, listen up! That includes you, you demographic butt-head sitting on the couch eating ho-ho's. This shoe represent's greatness in the best form. Why you ask? Because about every one of you out there wanted this shoe to die. "EVERYBODY" in society wanted it to stop at 23. Remember the cries. Why did so many people want to kill the king. Well its because they're not the king. It would give the chance of someone else to be the king. You actually think JB would just fall on their sword like that. I never did. Even Gentry himself thought it should end too, and it just shows you how wrong he was. JUST LIKE YOU! There are so many NEGATIVE people in this world it's not funny. That's why I'm an individual independent and not demographic, and you can consider these copped a long with AJ's 1-23 proud of it. It's a true sense of victory over the hater's. There's too many bad people thinking bad alike. So I say enlighten yourself and change your way's. The Air Jordan has survived death on many occasion's and I've never seen a surge quite this big, this time around. And your all STILL WRONG. I know, I know, you all love the significant numbered Jordan's like 3, 11, 20,23 but cant except the other ones inwich there wouldn't be, like 15-19,21,22 or any other odd numbered ones. So typical for demographics alike. Maybe the real reason is a total cop-out for not spending the money they don't have to make themselves feel good by hating it into the ground, remember your opinions show for yourself. A separation of who can and who cant.

  30. I'm hoping these are a sample to upset everyone so when they drop they'll be different and everybody will want them. Or they could be so me kmart js that everybody will want have on their feet…

  31. you so called fans of jordan have to be kiding me i seen things fans saying that the 14 and 13 where ugly and then saying the 23s where so hot both of these sneakers are made better look better and cost less and for these new jordans they are not the best looken jordan but give them a chance wait tell you see them in person yea the the price is a little much but if your a true jordan fan you well look at them a twice before jugeing them think about it

  32. yea wat da hell dey should pay me to wearem but ill jst wait to see if they start to look good

    and add to my 1-24 collection=)

  33. They are not.. On my wish list, but they look like fusions.. Its obvious this needs to stop.. The fresh ideas are on the lo lo right now.. Those look like 14 and 15 fused together..

  34. Have any of you even noticed this little trend thats going on. 23's resemble the 13 a bit,and these 24's resemble the 14's a bit. Does this mean the AJ25 next year will take after the 15, you all would just love that. Ha Ha Ha! Now I'm lauphin my ass off out load now!

  35. Whoever was responsible for the making of this shoe should be fired immediately!

    This is beyond an epic failure on JB's part. This is a debocle.

    A horrible shoe to say the best. Honestly, this is just all out rediculous. These shits should be burned along with its creator in the depths of hell; literally. Looks like a payless knockoff of an already knocked off shoe. SMH

  36. ^^ You are the most retarded imbisol on the face of the planet, suicide should work well for you. Your not very fresh but you are 2 def.

  37. looks like some payless shoes i had back in the

    80's come on they can do better very disappionted

  38. ^^ your just another brick in the wall, I wanna fight all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anytime anyplace!

  39. man jb you fuked it up you might as well shot yur self. shit hold on ima throw up tha drawin look klean but not really . shit yu take the jordan logo off an yull be seein des at payless. da hell is it wit the heel no god damn logo and 1 lookin shoes man dis a discrace to the jordan brand i wouldn take them if dey wer free. they need to just release the six fusions and move on man i feel lik cryin for the air jordan brand is goin down .i need to find another shoe to rock. i swear if i see anyone wit des on ill slap da shit out dem

  40. that aint no new 2k9 jordans anybody wit some common sense could tell those aint the 2k9's there more like a 14.5 or 15.5 jumpman category shoe when the real 2k9's come out some bodies goin to be feelin stupid

  41. i think the jordan 2k9 is not the best jordan ever come out but is could past, it better than some of those shit he come out with in the past…….