Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Sample - White / Desert Clay - Team Red

Back in 2005, Jordan Brand re-issued the Air Jordan 13 (XIII) in a plethora of styles, including the “Flint Grey” and the “Altitude” AJ 13. Now, more than four years later, we have our first look at a sample Air Jordan1 13 that was expected to come out in Spring ’05. This pair features a white toe box accented by a team red upper, desert clay mid-sole, white out-sole, and a desert clay heel. Some of the desert clay color on the mid-sole has “bled” onto the out-sole, but that is not a huge surprise considering this pair is over four years old. Should Jordan Brand have released this colorway in 2005? Let us know by dropping a comment below.
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Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Sample - White / Desert Clay - Team Red

Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Sample - White / Desert Clay - Team Red

Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Sample - White / Desert Clay - Team Red

Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Sample - White / Desert Clay - Team Red

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  1. They pretty str8 depended on how you rock'em,I think alot people would have copp them especially a jordan head like myself, but I don't think they would sell out tho.

  2. hell yeah they should be call the cavs but the colors are not looking real from a jordan brand but still they hot

  3. these would have sold out, especially since they would have probably been lifestlye and limited like the altitude 13s, which might have meant they might would have had semi good quality, besides the creasing toe box

  4. These Are Serious With A 49ers Fitted This Would Go Right They Should Release these this year

  5. The shoes style is cool. But the colors are crazy. People will think they are fake. You should have had a purple/black or white/yellow. Something different that people would want to purchase instead of all the same black/red or white/red shoes. Change up the colors.

  6. Wow…These would have been a disaster…But due to the rise in hypebeasts they still would have been costin a million dollars by now

  7. well im glad i live in cleveland. cuz these will go HAM on most of the cavs colors! I like these becuz they madd simple. not alot going on, real clean.

  8. These should of dropped…. I copped all colors of the of the 13's this would of just been one more to the collection….

  9. JB should drop these this year. it'll just add to all the Js that are actually worth coppin. White tee, cargos, 49ers fitted