Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game - New Images

At the end of last month, we provided an exclusive look at the Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game, and we now have new images to share. As we mentioned in the original post, this pair has been nicknamed the “Flu Game Air Jordan 12” because Michael Jordan had the flu in game 5 of the ’97 NBA Finals and still managed to score 38 points against the Utah Jazz. Featuring a black nubuck upper with varsity red accents seen on the tongue, sole, and heel, this pair is very similar to the OG Black/Red Air Jordan 12. Other key aspects of this Air Jordan 12 include the year (97), points scored (38), and a sick face on the tongue and the rear of the sneaker. The Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game is expected to release in November 2009.

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game - New Images

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game - New Images

Air Jordan 12 (XII) Flu Game - New Images

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  1. still reckon they shouldve gone with the original black leather.nubuck gets too dam dirty.probably JB just going with the cheaper material

  2. nah i got the nubucks im going to grab those space jams and 6s that come out in january or february

  3. they*** ruined this shoe, JB just keep making kicks with horrible quality..and cheaper materials which why they using suede on these

  4. I think we should start boycottin JB. Suede ruins to easy and these look like shiz. I wanted papel leather like the ogs. In fact all real Jordan heads want the original material. If we keep buyin this cheap azz shiz for 150$, JB is goin to let the quality of the shoes suck. The Black and carolina blue twelves flopped and so will these.

  5. all yall old heads are stuck in the 90s. why would jb keep releasing the same shoe? im glad they made sum changes. why would u want another shoe u already have? and its nubuck. not suede. jb dont care what we say anyway

  6. yu guys r SOOOO STUPID for hating .. yu kno y ?

    becuz the nubuk will NOT crease well barely..

    but og leather is ALREADY CREASED . like wtf r u guys thinking

    any 1 who likes retros and is a true collector ( including me ) will like these

  7. Every body includin they baby gone have the space jams…they comin all sizes and releasin in all major shoe stores…won't b hard to find…

  8. This is a fa sho kopp 2 pairs of deez and 2 pairs of tha space jams…..nuff said

    fucc haters!!!!!!

  9. These are awesome, adding the 97 38 and sick face graphic makes these shoes original. These and the space jams are the must haves for 09, infrareds drop jan 2010, also a must have.

  10. Damn these grew on me these are real dope but the red is kinda darker than the OGs, overall these are a must cop u never know if these are gona be rare in the future

  11. watch as jb find some crazy way to eff up the white and red 12's too… as for these i got a steal on the og bred 12's on flightclub… annnnnnnd as for the rest of the year mos def the spacejams and have to see the white/red 12's…


  12. hell to the naw jordan brand! 1st off who the hell wants nubuck! 2nd of all they were never in nubuck for a reason! and lastly the "sick face" is hella' whack! they are buggin' out on this one 4real ya'll

  13. I honestly dont think these are that bad, yeah they're not leather like the OGs but they're different and with all the added stuff they're not suppose to be the OGs….I might cop if i have some money left over after i get the space jams

  14. The sick face is whack, I agree. It looks kiddish, and the nubuck is wrong to me. Should have stuck with the leather.

    No, these are not unique, they're weak!!!

  15. they look…boring..rather get the red/white ones && MABEY the all white 12z:)

    yea i like tha lil guy tooo :) hee hee

  16. At first when the first pictures came out I was like eww when i saw these kicks but now im diggin em, guess ill have to add these to my collezione of sneakers

  17. Funny idiot-lites saying true collector

    will buy those joints. Plus i keep seeing "why

    buy the same shoe 3 times" The fact they come out

    every several yrs or so I'll doubt most people

    will still have the same shoe , plus why fix something

    if it isn't broke. I rather him add the smiley face with the leather , b.


  19. these are iight i guess. not a big fan of 12s but these are classics. i had these when i was younger in this same color way i think.

  20. Nice looking shoe. like them better than the og's but maybe its just the sick face…good job jb!

  21. Will be making a purchase for these, leather or not! True Jordan-Heads don't give a damn! But they will not get any burn! A must have for the collection.