Real Fake Air Jordan 11 72 10

The Air Jordan 11 72-10 has already released, however you may has missed your chance on purchasing and are going the reseller route. For those that want to make sure they are buying an authentic pair, we have thrown together a simple guide thanks to Fake Education.

Some of the difference between real and fake or unauthorized pairs should be simple, but at times they can go unseen. As long as you keep this guide handy when checking out images or in person, you should be ok.

Below are some side by side comparisons as well as a video and extra text on helping you determine if your pair of Jordan 11 ’72-10′ are authentic or fake.

Real vs. Fake Air Jordan 11 72-10

1. Patent Leather Cut: You will notice on the fake pair of Jordan 11 ’72-10′, the cut of the patent leather is a bit higher and closer to the Jumpman.
Real Fake Air Jordan 11 72 10 Patent Leather

2. Toe Box Shape: As you can see, the fake pair is much more bulkier than the real while the authentic will be more slimmed down.
Real Fake Air Jordan 11 72 10 Shape

3. Outsole Coloring: The fake pair will feature a thicker coating, in other terms, the outsole is more ‘milky’. You won’t be able to see the outsole as much, nor the Jumpman.
Real Fake Air Jordan 11 72 10 Sole

4. The Box: There are many different ways you can tell that a pair of shoes are fake from the box. For example the actual shape or if they are damaged, but in this scenario it shows us by the box label. The suggested retail price font is a lot thicker and bolder compared to the authentics as well as the and actual color description.
Real Fake Air Jordan 11 72 10 Box

Here is a short video going over what you should look out for when purchasing a real pair of the ’72-10′ Air Jordan 11. Some of the flaws/points you should look out for that is covered in this video is:

  • Ball apart of the Jumpman should be aligned with the 2-3
  • Double stitching should be intact on the top of the toe box
  • Patent leather shouldn’t be really smooth, have a bit of friction
  • Size on the insole should correspond with the actual size of the shoes
  • Lace tips should say 72 and 10
  • Some flaws I've seen on several of the 72-10 out on the market now 1. Crown cap on back should be pointed 2. Ball must line up with the 2-3 3. Double stitched on toe cap 4. If your toe cap is really smooth they're really fake 5. Lace tips should say 72 and 10 respectively 6. And most importantly ,insole size should correspond to the size of the shoe . Color of the bottom of the insole doesn't matter , as long as it's a neutral form of black or grey. Watch out and be safe

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