Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack

Be the first on your block to have the Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack as they have gone live on eBay. The 10th Countdown Pack is made up of two prized Air Jordans, the Air Jordan XI (11) and Air Jordan XII (12). The “Bred” Air Jordan XI is made up of a memorable black, true red and white color scheme in combination with signature black patent leather. Making up the second part of the package is the Air Jordan XII which consists of black, varsity red and cement grey. A perfect choice for the 11/12 Pack that showcases two classic releases. Get your pair on eBay today via seller bigj505.

Air Jordan Countdown Pack #10 – Collezione 11/12
Release Date: 12/20/2008
Style: 338149-991
Air Jordan Retro 11 Black/True Red-White
Air Jordan Retro 12 Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey
Retail Price: $310

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack Now Live

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  2. yes can someone please explain to me the backwards logo? At least when they changed the logo on he tens it looked good. These just look fake now. Still coppin though

  3. What are you talking about backwards jumpman? It's always been in that direction on the XIs

  4. You didn't look at the shoe "quick", the left shoe's jumpman IS backwards compared to the 2001. It doesn't face the toe.

  5. Im not copping any more packs i was truly disappointed with these my cousin got the real ones for my birthday cause he knows Michael Jordan and he got them exclusively and honestly i perfer the original 11s and 12s than these but thats my opinion you go check for yourself.

  6. so what switch the laces if u have the o.g. 11's just take those dude fuck a backwards jump man dude im getting mine but im looking for space jam's size 11 ds hit me if you got'em


  8. hmmm coppin minez inda morim yo like da jumpman iz dat way now 2 help tell da difference betwween da real and fake 11'z if ppl didnt already knoe dat but dez and thoze joker colored spikiez r def copped

  9. i got mines already thanks to the store down here in louisiana (Sports Plus) $350!!!!

    but the laces are fat yall dumbasses

  10. this package is ill but i cant wait till that gatorade 6's does any one got any info on them?

  11. hey to all u dishits the backwards jumpman was on the ogs too!!!!!!! to counter fakes so you could tell the diffrance but these look like there really high quality

  12. Can't believe I'm seein this

    The backward jordan is an correction

    Everybody that's an real authentic Jordan fan know that Jodan never flip-flop the Jordan logo

    He keep the jordan logo in the same directions look for ur self every jordan logo is in the same direction

  13. cant wait for the xi….not a fan of the xii but it is worth it for the xi….cant wait…holla !!!

  14. ya all dumbass the Jordan logo is not backwards . Ever since the 13s came out the logo is always facing to your right…. Before that it was to the toe side…. Any other questions?????

  15. lol at sneakerfiles postin wrong information

    this isn't the 10th pack its the 11th

    and the colorway for the 12s is not black/varsity red/cement grey

    will cop 2 packs btw

    both of the sheos are fire

  16. well im in love with a lady named air jordan taxi 12 so i will be touchin this pack… campin out all night 4 my baby

  17. I dont care about the backwards jumpman, my 01 retros are beat, ill take em!!!!….and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. That's wat I meant

    the retros was the other way

    They changed it bc it a make since to keep the jordan logo facing the same way on both shoe like evry other Jordan logo on the other Jays son

  19. I Almost passed cuz of the shit yall sayin about the backwards logo til i looked at my dmp 11's they all are the same if you have not noticed then i don't know what to say… i think yall are jus tryna find somethin wrong wit them they ill man jus admit it please….

  20. these hoes don came out so many times in this same colorway i am tired of it so i am just gon save my money an buy them nelly spizikes

  21. Man, you guys who say that the jumpman isn;t backwards obviously are rookies. The jumpman on the left pair is supposed to be mirrored, meaning that the basketball should be going towards the toe. That's how the OGs and first retros were.

  22. They changed the Jordan logo bc the jordan company really don't like to mirror the jordan logo

    So they didn't mirrow the jordan logo so wen u look at the outside of both shoes

    The logo will be facing the same direction

  23. The XI in this package dont look anything like the last retroes. the bottom look more pink red then true red like its supposed to be. the XI is also made very cheap and small in this package. XII are beautiful in comfort and original look. Very dissappointed by the quality of the XI in this pack everyone coppin will see what im talking about when you try them on. I know this only cause i work at foot locker and i have tried them on and compared them to the old breds.

  24. I dont know what all you guys are mad about, the DMP pack has the same thing. The left fit is facing the other way than the right.

  25. I really don't care if the don't look like the og's u motherf()ckers need to stop crying about these shoes. I will be buying a pair if u don't like em don't buy them, let people that really want them purchase them.

  26. The backwards jumpman is not the only problem with the XI's. The jumpman on the tongues looks supa skinny and the red looks almost pink. I bought mine from finishline and when i got home thought they tricked me and slid some bootleg flea market shoes in my box. The quality is TERRIBLE on the XI's….the feel kinda fake. But the XII's are the shit!!