Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

The tenth Air Jordan Countdown Pack brings together the Air Jordan XI (11) and Air Jordan XII (12) to make up 23, a combination that is sure to please. The Air Jordan XI (11) is brought back into the limelight as the “Bred” Air Jordan XI takes center stage. The unforgettable combination of black, red and white surfacing the Air Jordan XI and its patent leather upper is put alongside the “Taxi” Air Jordan XII, a colorway consisting of black, varsity and cement grey. Although release isn’t till the day after Christmas, December 26th, enjoy the pictures provided after the jump. Via KATC.

Is this the best Countdown Pack so far? Let us know what you think in our comments section.

Edit: Jordan Brand has changed the date to December 20th.

Air Jordan Countdown Pack #10 – Collezione 11/12
Release Date: 12/20/2008
Style: 338149-991
Air Jordan Retro 11 Black/True Red-White
Air Jordan Retro 12 Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey
Retail Price: $310

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail
Air Jordan 11 / 12 Countdown Pack In Detail

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  1. I'm gonna be in that line…camped out…anyone frontin on my spot in line is gettin sliced in the grill…fa sho

  2. Nope they droppin on the 26th, no need to camp out for me i got three waiting for me to buy

  3. yo actually the release date was changed according to sources at NikeTalk. The new release date is Dec.20th Fellas(and Females too)This was news that dropped today.

  4. ……Then again ya'll know how rumors run, so that info could change or be false. Im good either way, nothin' stopping me from coppin' such sexiness!

  5. Yea man dis iz da definition of countdown pimp I might go stupid and cop 2 ya dig

  6. copped, the first pack were i actually like both pairs. def the best pack. liked the VI/XVII(mainly VI's) & VII/XVI packs too.

  7. How many times do we have tell you! It is the 11th Countdown Pack!!!! Anyways, this is the best pack!

    Can't wait to cop 3 packs at least!!!

  8. I know I am going to get them, but I really wanted the Concord 11's not the BRED's but anyway… and the 12's I think should be the playoff 12's not the white/black/taxi

    It's stila big pack and will be considered one of the best but it could have been better.

  9. Yeah these are a must i'm deadstock the xi i already got the dmps nd concords with the gum bottom to rock…oh yeah got the six rings concords too.

  10. I agree with PhilWil… Concord's and Playoff's would've been the end of the world (CDP speaking… no apocalyptic)!

  11. Personally not da best pack… 16 n 7 wuss betta but ppl juss coppin em juss 2 get da 11s…

  12. Idk bout yall but the 12's look real funny to me man.. but anyways, this pack & the 16/7 pack is live. This pack for sure is copped.

  13. for all ya ll that lives in the states you guys are fucking lucky man . . . .i live in canada and i have to pay $ 451 for this pack from footlocker these guys jack up the prices cause they know it ll sell but that still don't mean i ain't getting one lol

  14. Easily the best countdown pack. 11's quality looks real good, 12's look okay, have to wait til in person to judge.

  15. the quailty of both are terrible but I still have my '01 bred XI's some I'm good but I was waiting to have a pair of taxi's but o well

  16. OMG I Just Threw Up In My Mouth. Horrible Horrible Horrible. Backwards JUMPMAN?? COME ON NOW JB. Any Wanna Split The Pack. Ill Take The 12s. Size 9.5 NYC Only. Holla ASAP

  17. man wen it cum down to JAYZ’ i need to i got to i wont to gotta to get dem bad boys forreal like i got 6s’-n-17′da 5s’-n-18s’ da 8s’-n-15s’ 7s’-n-16s’ da 9s’-n-14s’ and more JAYZ’ to cum……………………………………………..

    Comment by Bryan Mathews —


    Comment by Bryan Mathews —

  18. ^ you should learn to speak English, maybe then you can make more than $12 an hour.

    Anyway, RD is confirmed for 12/20.

  19. These are HOT! The bred XI's are one the best air jordans to drop ever. Fortunately, i'll be able to cop 4 pairs of these through my connects on the day it comes out so let me know if anyone wants their size early and don't want to fall in line days before the release date and for some, not even get them. I got the Air Jordan 1 Doernbecher too in sizes 8.5, 9, 9, 9, and 9.5. Will send pictures with tag for serious buyers. Email me at

  20. these look great; i mite try to buy them if available. they probably wi11 sell-out before i can make my move.

  21. I forgot I was gonna get one for my girl…but she's my ex now so…. that means 2 for me!!! :)

  22. nike said 12/20 but will wait in see two packs fa sho. The best pack of them all, better than dmp to me.

  23. them blue white and black force's come out on the 20th are to hard i'm get them for show

  24. Why is the Jordan jump-man on the 11's backwards? Don't that mean their fake. Or is that some kind of special edition.

  25. shit..the fuck you talkin bout Mars? Us shoeheads gonna be waiting early morning, or the night before if we have to. dem joints is sickk son. shitt..i'd drop 400 for these.

  26. i personaly think its weird that they are droping on da 26th because usually they drop on saturdays not on fridays bt this pack is st8 i preatty much already got em cuz my boii dat work at finishline and they already got em on stock bt not to release and i gave him da money and on da 26th ill go and leave with 3 pairs i also have the og pairs and da retros so ima get all 3

  27. MARS ur a fucking dip shit there are millions of ppl who bought all the packs and ppl who bout 3 of all thepacks

  28. 100% fact that they are droppin the 20th.i called my local finishline and they got an email say to release on the sneaker freaker u are wrong

  29. the 20th is the date i just came from the mall in footlocker got a display of them in the glass thingie


  30. i just got a email its a kids footlocker 11/12 cdp baby blue in white XI in gray, white , baby blue XII

  31. well i could care less about the xii…xi is enough for me!!! the red looks a little lighter than the retro 01….either way that works for me!!! i love the xi..period!!! copped and no camping for me!!!

  32. Yo to answer Navigator's question, the backwards jumpman doesn't mean they're fake. They did the same thing with the DMP XI's. They probably do it to differentiate between OG and retros to CDP XI's. Also for those STILL wondering about the release date, my dude who is a manager for Footlocker also received an email that the date has changed to 12/20. Cool Grey Spiz'ikes are 12/24. Get ur paper right ya'll

  33. Yo the release is the 26th for everyone who don't know. Micheal Jordan hit me up this morning and confirmed it fa show. Its really not the 20th don't believe the hype. So make sure you wait in line or get online on the 26th to be the first to cop these. I wouldn't lie to you to make my chances of gettin em better. U can trust me pimpin.

  34. And for everyone sayin I ain't gittin these cause I got the 01' breds quit fuckin frontin. U know if u really do still got them bitches the fuckin patent leather is all creased up and they don't look new. Quit actin like them bitches is new in the box still. U been rockin them bitches for 8 years come on now. For those who REALLY do have them. For those fools lieing u ain't got to lie to kick it.

  35. And I don't care if the jumpman symbol is backwards upside down pink invisible rainbow colors a jumpman in a dress a jumpfrog a jumpwoman a dam jumping jack or jumperope I'm still snatchin these hoes!

  36. This pack is going to be sold out in a matter of minutes. Why would you camp out though, call footacion 2 minutes before midnight on the 19th, and you should be straight!!

    Im copping 2, so buy it now on e-bay 600$ Hollew

    but, why didnt Jordan brand do the 11's in white/black with a red jumpman logo or something likethat??? the 12's are alright, but also do white/red, or black/red/white or someting new???? Come on Jordan! I love the pack though 11's are SICK!@!!!!

  37. i already got the retro bred 11's, but not the taxi's, so getting this pack, i am really just getting the 12's. aren't these just over rated man. just because they're in a nice box and it's called a COUNTDOWN PACK, it makes it more appealing. JB has got us by our necks, and our wallets…

  38. most def tha best package eva… so fresh already got mine preordered i would pay anything for these fresh ass kicks… wats tha most yall would pay for these???

  39. Jeszica – Kids run $200…

    I am coppin my size 11 on!!!

    I might get 2, these packs are the best of the year.

  40. I just copped my pack today. they are very nice. I compared the new XIs to my 2001 pair and they were pretty much exact. Never had the XII before, but i out them on my feet and they are very sweet. I did notice that the packaging for this pack is smaller than for the previous packs. I f anyone else notices this when they buy on Saturday, post back. I would post pics, but the pics already up do the sneaks great justice.

  41. cheapest package ever. material should have been way more durable

    10/13s cdp was 100xbetter. quality is falling of on jays . nikes are looking better actualy