Air Jordan 1 Phat GS Black/ GoldThe Air Jordan 1 is quite possibly the most released pair of signature Jordan sneakers.

Take a look at one familiar colorway that hasn’t been seen since 2003. Unfortunately these will not drop for everyone as they will only be available in GS sizes. Also note that these are an Air Jordan 1 Phat… so they are slightly different than the previous release.

Would you have liked to see these release in Men’s sz even if they are an Air Jordan 1 Phat?


  1. noneoftheabove says:

    release the real ones….

  2. i had the 03 ones in 6th grade

  3. I had these in 7th grade. im at em!

  4. cassie rocked these in that song where she was like you been waiting so long for me to answer your call or w.e

  5. im def gone copp these. i dont have any 1s, so this will be a good pickup

  6. anyone know when these will be released?

  7. LAKERdynasty247 says:

    lol I still have these from when I bought them in 03.

  8. calibitch says:

    I ONLY ROCK RETROs!! thoes just arnt

  9. where can i buy this ?

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